WHERE? The Beyond MediSpa clinic in Harvey Nichols, Manchester.

WHO? Beyond MediSpa; the Harvey Nichols based medical and aesthetic clinic which promotes an ideal of "inside-out" beauty, offering a number of advanced beauty treatments ranging from facials to botox, mesotherapy, and fat reduction. The brand combines the latest revolutionary breakthroughs in science and technology with a holistic approach to beauty; aiming to restore complete wellbeing and improve inner confidence via subtle aesthetic enhancement.

WHAT? The HydraFacial; a bespoke results-focussed treatment which can be tailored to suit any number of skincare concerns. The procedure combines the features of a standard facial [cleansing, exfoliation, treatment, hydration, etc] with specialist steps designed to extract impurities and decongest the pores. The HydraFacial is a treatment with a twist; whilst the products are applied by hand,  the treatment itself is effectively administered by a machine [see above] which conducts each step with a series of tips. Each  specially designed to best administer the various steps and products which constitute the HydraFacial, e.g. lymph node drainage, acid peels, vacuum-extraction, etc. The basis of the facial is [as the name suggests] water; making it ideal for dry, dehydrated, and sensitive skin, and rendering it a much gentler alternative to microdermabrasion. And the best part? The facial can be tailored to treat each and every one of your individual skincare concerns; be that acne, pigmentation, dehydration, fine lines, or congestion [to name just a few].

THE VERDICT : For a non-invasive treatment lasting less than an hour, the results were really quite incredible. Despite leaving the clinic with an initially reddened face [a given side effect of any facial treatment for me], by the following day the success of the HydraFacial was quite discernible. My skin [currently plagued with blemish scars] was notably brighter and clearer. The facial had achieved in an hour what would have otherwise taken two months worth of good skincare practice, hugely fading my pigmentation. I can only imagine how beneficial the advised course of three treatments would be. I did find my skin suffered from a little flakiness in the days immediately following treatment [my facialist warned of this prior to applying a glycolic peel], but nothing that could not be remedied with a few days of intensive moisture treatment; and in truth the results were more than worth this little discomfort.

Those seeking a luxe experience [candles and pipe music resplendent] should be aware that this is not that kind of facial. The experience places little to no emphasis upon relaxation or pleasure, and the vibes are more clinical than "luxury spa". But if evident results and a personalised treatment are on your agenda then you're more than certainly in for a treat; and if you're serious about your skin this is not a treatment to be overlooked.

To experience the Hydra Facial yourself head to your nearest Beyond Medispa clinic. Locations here.

Have you ever experienced the Beyond Medispa HydraFacial?


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*Complimentary experience kindly provided by Beyond Medispa