Did someone say Bank Holiday weekend??

They most certainly did!

We're midway through our chocolate-fuelled fest/feast[?] of fun, food, friends, and full-on relaxation; effectively four lazy Sundays in a row - I'm in my element. My own Easter Sunday is taking place in a the depths of rural Northumberland; and looks something a little like this...

+ A 9am-9pm food fest - Hot Cross Buns, eggs [of any and every variety], bunnies [chocolate only, and preferably Lindt], and a roast with all the trimmings! + The Walk [would Easter be Easter without it??]. + Spa time - you may be heading to your nearest luxe location, I'll be compiling my very own tried and tested lineup [see yesterday's beauty post for inspiration]. + ALL the magazines I've been accumulating over the past few weeks; ELLE, Vogue, Porter, Harper's - finally, digested and dog-eared. + Mad Men - the final series, I'm already sobbing!

What are your plans for this weekend? Fill me in!

I have another crazy busy week ahead of me, but behind the scenes work on TGG is coming along in leaps and bounds. By this time next week there should be whole new look to the site. It's VERY different, but I'm insanely excited and can't wait to share it with you!


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+ I shared five of my favourite budget haircare brands over on ALO. + + April Fool's Day beauty from Camey - this piece had me in stitches! + + + Buzzfeed shared 35 Books to Read in Your Twenties - I love posts like this, especially when they feature something a little different to the norm. + + + + I relish afternoons spent browsing in Magma for I always end up discovering new magazines - The Telegraph summarised some lovely ones here. + + + + + Sophisticated spring beauty, from NARS [of course].