There is a particular pleasure which comes from using a tool which is both modest and facile, yet which reaps such great results. In a day and age which sees battery-charged and mains-operated technology invading every aspect of our lives in attempt to speed up and improve our daily rituals, an object which requires no more than a single hand [and not a watt of electricity] to use is an item to be valued indeed.

The eyelash curler is a case in point, and no model more so than Nars’ offering*, which excels in such a way that its effects far surpass those of its rivals [including the oft-esteemed Shu Uemura curler]. Having used both for some time, I can safely vouch for the supremacy of Nars’ model; the least assuming and most affordable of the two is an unsung hero of the beauty world, and I am wholeheartedly prepared to champion it through hell and high water.

Ergonomically, its shape is such as fits my eyelid perfectly [if I didn’t know better I’d presume it bespoke]. It encompasses every single lash within its clasp [including the pesky baby ones], whilst the tighter curve of the Shu Uemura curler requires two goes upon each lid in order to span the entire lashline. In half the time spent pumping each set of lashes with the afore-mentioned curlers, the Nars offering presents a stronger and more durable curl, which when compared side-by-side with a Shu Uemura specimen, has a notably more voluminous and obvious effect.

Think : Do I even need mascara?

Foolproof, effortless, and brilliant; it’s the kind of eyelash curler which will work for the novice, wow the connoisseur, and convert the cynic.

Buy now, thank me later.


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