The eyebrow love continues...

It's safe to say that I'm a big fan of the big brow, and I can chart my own journey in the world of brow makeup from its humble beginnings [Rimme'sl Eyebrow Pencil - far too red, but the only option in Boots circa 2010] to its Holy Grail heights [DipBrow + SUQQU Palette + MAC Brow Set are my current daily go-tos]. Last week I shared the products which I use to prep and care for my brows, but today's edit focuses on all things makeup.

BEST FOR BOLD BROWSAnastasia DipBrow Pomade No matter what the state of your brows, this stuff is guaranteed to spruce them along their way to sophistication. For this reason, it’s ideal for use if you’re growing out your brows and intend on leaving them to their unruly and untamed selves for a number of months as it masks all manner of evils; from patchy brows to tweezer mishaps. A thick and highly pigmented formula, which lasts impeccably throughout the day and without smudging, it is best applied in short, lights strokes with an angled liner brush in order to avoid a heavy and unnatural looking effect. Anastasia seem to continually adding to the shade range [I think there are about 10 right now], so there really is something for everyone. This is also some serious bang for your buck; I'd probably have bought about 5 of the £7 eyebrow pencils I used to pick up from Boots in the amount of time it's taken me to make the dent pictured above.

BEST FOR BEGINNERS : SUQQU Balancing Brow Palette I’ve spoken [read : raved] about this palette here, and still regard it as my favourite brow product ever. It's also the first thing I recommend to anyone new to the world of brow makeup. Seriously, the stuff is foolproof; mainly due to the fact that the option to blend gives this a 'one size fits all' status. You can go in as light- or heavy-handed as you wish and can easily build a bolder look, with plenty of options for experimentation. Both the shades and the formula of the powders are spot-on, and the brush which accompanies the palette [you can buy a full size version separately here] is ideal for powder application, dispensing just the right amount of product. I love this palette for a natural but defined look, and always reach for it when I’m in a rush. It's so foolproof that you could probably use it in the dark, sans mirror and still have a flawless set of arches.

BEST FOR APPLYING PRODUCTNars 47 Angled Eyeliner Brush* I’ve always used an angled liner brush to apply Dipbrow Pomade, and prior to purchasing the SUQQU palette I also used one when applying powder. The tapered shape and firm bristles allow for the short, light strokes necessary for a natural brow look. I’ve used a number of different brushes over the years, none of which have excelled quite so well as this Nars offering [you really can count upon the brand for delivering innovative, high quality tools alongside the stunning makeup range].

BEST FOR EXTENDING BROWSNars Brow Perfector* A brow product in pencil form is your best bet if you’re looking to extend the length of your brows outwards. Obviously choosing a shade which best matches your brow colour is essential if you want to create a fluid and flawless extension, and Nars have one of the best colour ranges I’ve seen. The shade pictured [Caucase] is a cool taupe, ideal if your brow hairs lean a little on the grey/black side of brown. The product itself is more crayon than pencil, with a waxy but firm texture which gives a smudge-proof, natural effect. Best of all? It maintains the delicate point vital to its finesse, no sharpener required.

BEST FOR "NO-MAKEUP" DAYS : Nars Brow Gel* This gel has a slightly drier/creamier consistency than the MAC version which [despite the names] is much more gel-like. I favour this on days when I don't really feel like sporting a full face of makeup, but still want to give my brows a little oomph, as it works better on its own than as a set. It blends seamlessly with my brow colour and keeps my hairs in place without requiring touch-ups. I use the shade Piraeus, a medium taupe-brown which is refreshingly free of red undertones, and pairs perfectly with the above.

BEST FOR DAY-TO-NIGHT WEARMAC Pro Longwear Brow Set If durability is what you seek from a brow product then rest assured that this one endures through both work outs and nights out [tried and tested!]. The helpfully miniature brush provides freedom of movement and allows for use on even the narrowest and sparest patches of brows without a fear of excess smudging. It also carries just enough tint to be used on the more spaced out hairs at the front of the brows without causing a heavy, block effect. Ideal if your brow hairs are a little on the long side and tend to droop throughout the day, you'll find that this is one of the few gels to keep them locked in place.

BEST FOR TRAVEL : Clarins Pro Palette Eyebrow Kit* It's safe to say that come that pre-holiday panic pack, cramming your makeup bag with bulky pots and brushes is far from ideal; which is why this nifty little palette is ideal for on-the-go use. Containing three shades of brow powder, a setting wax, and a highlighter for contouring the eye area; all of which can also be used as eyeshadows, this truly is an all-in-one winner. The set also contains a double-ended brush applicator, a spoolie, and a tiny pair of tweezers, so even your brow maintenance can be upgraded to on-the-go.

What are your go-to brow styling products?


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