When it comes to prepping the skin for makeup preparation, there is no 'one size fits all' product. Whilst essentially a good primer provides a layer between skincare and makeup, improving the last and finish of your foundation; there are a number of other factors which must be taken into account and which rest entirely upon the condition of your skin.

Firstly, if you have naturally flawless skin then the only additional benefits to your ideal primer are likely to be those which enhance your complexion; a little tint and a little glow in order to perfect the healthy dewy look we're all currently in pursuit of. In which case today's post may be rendered a little redundant, but keep your eyes peeled for something much more appropriate landing next week...

Those with other skincare issues [oiliness, discolouration, scarring, pigmentation, dryness, etc] will need a primer which goes the extra mile, and which in some way seeks to address and remedy the concern, whilst preventing it from taking its toll upon your makeup. Enter six makeup/skincare hybrids - it's time to think personally and choose wisely.

THE HYDRATION HIT : Avène Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Serum A lighter, more affordable, and faster-absorbing alternative to the Racinne product below, you could easily be forgiven for assuming that Avène’s weightless gel-like serum would have little impact in terms of moisture. However it provides a layer of hydration which renders moisturiser application wholly non-essential [unless you're extremely dry-skinned!]. It absorbs with a matte sheen which smoothens the surface of the skin and leaves foundation looking flawless.

THE MOISTURE BOOSTER : Racinne Ultimate Hydra Advanced Luminous Gel* Those loathe to apply copious layers of makeup will adore this thick soothing gel. It promise [and delivers] intense hydration with a smooth matte finish, doubling as moisturiser and makeup primer. In the winter months this was my go-to base of choice, for even on days when my skin was at its driest and flakiest, it allowed for a flawless finish.

THE SKIN-PROTECTOR : Radical Skin Perfecting Screen* This delicate mattifying fluid seamlessly bridges the gap between skincare and makeup with its subtle tint, light-reflecting pigments [which serve to brighten the complexion and blur imperfections], and an SPF of 30 combined with Radical’s patented reparative antioxidant technology. Delicate enough to use around the sensitive eye area, and light enough so as not to clog pores and cause breakouts, what's not to love?

THE COLOUR CORRECTOR : KIKO Skintone Corrector Primer in Green* Cynics must prepare to be converted, for the principles of colour balancing are at their most practical when utilised in the world of makeup. If you have the slightest threat of redness lurking within your complexion, or suffer [as I do] from slow-fading blemish marks, then this is the primer for you. You’ll soon learn that going heavy handed with [essentially] smearing green goo over your face, pays off. Like a saturation filter for your face, this fast-absorbing lotion sucks the redness from your complexion; ideal for use with light-coverage foundations or tinted moisturisers as it really does half the job for you.

THE OIL-ABSORBER : Sisley Tropical Resins Complex* The perfect primer for those whose complexions sits on the oily side of the spectrum. This more than delivers on the 'smooth matte base' front, before going the extra mile to provide the skin with a purifying and restorative blend of plant extracts which help to regulate sebum production and restore balance to the skin's moisture levels. The formula's crowning glory however is the inclusion of a mattifying powder which absorbs excess oil and sebum, creating a blotting paper-like effect which prevents oily skin from impacting the appearance and last of your foundation.

THE AIRBRUSHER : Sisley Instant Perfect Primer* Operating in the spirit of Photoshop’s blur effect, this delicate lotion erases imperfections such as fine lines, dark spots, acne scars and blemish marks, as well as improving the skin’s texture and enhancing consequent makeup application. Like all Sisley products it contains a blend of potent natural ingredients designed to provide around the clock skincare [hydration, stimulated collagen production, improved texture to name but a few].

 What are your favourite skin-priming makeup/skincare hybrids?


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