Just to keep you in the loop re. the revamp situation - as you can see not quite ready just yet, but things are coming together, and we should be good to go this time next week [fingers crossed]! WEEKEND RITUAL has been written off; aside from the fact I've done little else but study and write this week, I'm planning on archiving the series for good in favour of something [hopefully] better. That's right, it's all change on TGG.

Rather than simply posting the above, I decided to turn today's post into a pint-sized product review. And for those creatures of habit, you'll find all of your Sunday reading material at the bottom, as always!

You're all probably more than aware of the Victoria Beckham x Nails Inc* collaboration which took the fashion and beauty worlds by storm at the end of last year. Two frosted matte bottles which exude the aesthetics of Victoria, Victoria Beckham; the cool and contemporary sister brand to Beckham's main line. The shades are inspired by Japanese culture in keeping with the theme of VVB's SS'15 collection, and are as eye-catching as they are chic.

Judo Red is a bright tomato hue, which I adore for its slightly orange tone - a modern and refreshing take on a classic colour. It may seem garish upon first glance but somehow goes with everything. Bamboo White is much more neutral; a feminine and sophisticated off-white [the much-proclaimed colour of the season], with delicate pink undertones. I can see this shade fast becoming a staple for me; I'm a fool for a neutral nail polish - they serves to extend the fingers, warm the skintone, and are so much more chic [and less Tipex-like] when there's a slight element of colour involved.

The formula itself is 5-free, and [rather appropriately], both shades contain bamboo extract [which aids smooth application and encourages healthy nails]. The polish applies with a creamy texture and gel-like finish, and is also incredibly pigmented. After expecting them to verge more on the side of sheer, I was pleased to note that a second layer was almost unnecessary. I was disappointed in the durability of both products, neither of which survived more than 48 hours without chipping [unless a [rather excessive?] third coat was applied]. Nevertheless, both shades look as expensive as they are, clean, crisp and neither too warm nor too cold; indeed I can't imagine there would be many skintones which they would fail to complement.

What I love most about this collab is that it doesn't feel like a collab. It seems more like a natural extension of Beckham's brand, and is equally more than in line with Nails Inc's own direction. I'm usually one to avoid collaborations [more than ever after that especially bad Cinderella x MAC fail], but here is a pairing which flawlessly maintains the vision, aesthetics, and integrity of both brands involved. Bravo Ms Beckham, I can't wait to see more...

Both shades available to purchase via John Lewis [where you can also browse the extent of the Nails Inc. line].

Have you tried the VVB x Nails Inc shades yet?


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