The Eve Lom Beauty Room at Harvey Nichols, Manchester; where the brand provide their Ultimate Cleanse Facial for a select few days each month [see dates below].

Eve Lom, the award-winning insider's-favourite skincare brand fast taking the beauty world by storm. Offering a range of advanced luxury skincare and makeup products designed in pursuit of a luminous, healthy, radiance; if ever there was a brand so effortlessly in tune with the TGG philosophy, it is this one.

The Ultimate Cleanse Facial - one of three facial treatments offered by the brand, is designed to deeply cleanse and regenerate dull and congested skin via an indulging and relaxing experience. An on-arrival questionnaire covers health and skincare concerns, while a subsequent meeting with the therapist determines which products and treatments suits you best. It starts with the brand's unique facial massage conducted with the iconic cleanser. Between the massage technique and the luxurious balm, circulation is stimulated and the lymph nodes are drained, aiding the elimination of toxins, whilst in turn improving skin's tone and texture. Next, a warm paraffin mask is applied [significantly less daunting than it sounds and one of the most luxurious and enjoyable treatments I have ever experienced] before careful extraction techniques are used to remove blemishes without scarring [again, in no way painful/scary]. A layer of the Rescue Mask is applied [which targets inflammation and redness], whilst a lymphatic acupressure massage is given to the shoulders and neck [a serious stress-buster]. Finally, herbal compressions soothe and calm the complexion before the application of targeted hydration treatments, resulting in unbelievably baby-soft skin and glow naturel.

Cleanser - Popular because it does exactly what it says it does on the bottle, so to speak, it reaps smooth skin dividends.
Rescue Mask - This stuff saved my skin when I was battling inflammation, and works miracles on acne scars.
Dynaspot - Record-breakingly fast spot-zapping.
Intense Hydration Serum - Think Hydraluron x10000000.
Moisture Mask - A bona fide skin brightener, use the night before the big day.
Eye Cream - Everything you could possibly require of an under-eye treatment.

For the super stressed, sometimes complete escape is the only answer, and this treatment offers just that. 60 minutes of unadulterated pleasure and relaxation which goes beyond simply the practice of good skincare, this is a one-stop shop for a wellbeing-focused mind and body overhaul. Candles, massage, aromatherapy; seriously, never underestimate the power of an old-school facial. Without a doubt one of the most outstanding treatments I have ever received; think of the above as both a facial recharge and a wakeup call to your lymphatic system, with glow-getting benefits in abundance.

Zen levels, well and truly maxed.

To indulge in an Eve Lom facial yourself, visit your nearest spa location or counter.

As an added bonus for North/West-based gals; the first ten readers to book a facial quoting 'THAT GRACE GIRL' at Harvey Nichols Manchester will receive a deluxe 30ml sample of the Eve Lom Cleanser. Visit the lovely Jessica on counter or call 01618 288839 for bookings. Details here.

The next dates of availability are : May 1oth-16th, June 28th-July 4th, August 16th-22nd, and September 20th-26th.

Are you tempted by an Eve Lom facial?


*Complimentary experience kindly provided by Eve Lom.