I rank Radical way up there amongst my favourite skincare brands; not least because of their empowering philosophy which strives to make a difference in the lives of those with skincare ailments, or their aim to provide luxe skincare which actually performs, but also for the fact that I can wholeheartedly credit the product above with saving my skin. Granted, a bold claim for a single tub, but hear me out.

Many skincare brands offer exfoliating pads, but thanks to an unfortunate experience with Clearasil's offering circa 2008 I've always been a little wary of incorporating any into my routine. I do love a liquid exfoliant however, and hugely rate acids in helping to clear up blemish marks and fade scars, but many are just too strong and harsh to use upon skin which is easily aggravated and prone to dehydration. Radical however are known for providing skincare which despite its potency offers a gentle approach to efficient skincare, and having used a number of their products [with notable success] I was keen to try out their Exfoliating Pads*. 

The pads are enriched with both AHAs and BHAs, chemical exfoliants [in this case glycolic, salicylic, and fruit acids] which exfoliate the upper layers of skin, removing dead cells [which contain the pigmentation of blemish scars and marks] and allowing for improved penetration of consequently applied products, whilst reducing the build up of sebum. All without causing any aggravation or drying out of the skin.

Aside from these obvious inclusions, the pads also contain a few star ingredients which set them apart somewhat from others, including Malus Domestica, which protects skin stem cells, and Radical's patented Trylacel technology, an antioxidant complex designed to repair and protect the skin from free radicals. Most notably they also contain Osilift, an oat-derived formula designed to smooth and tone the skin, leaving it looking visibly more sculpted after frequent use.

Those who read TGG on a regular basis will know that I suffered from a severe hormonal breakout at the beginning of 2015, and whilst my breakouts are now few and far between [thanks to some dietary tweaks - see here] my biggest issue now is clearing up the pigmentation left behind by these particularly pesky blemishes [those of the hormonal variety are notoriously hard to budge]. Since introducing these pads into my skincare regime five weeks ago, it's as if someone has pressed the fast-forward button upon my skin [in a good way] and the healing process has gone into overdrive. I'm less and less having to rely upon concealer to cover up pigmentation as the redness has vastly decreased, and most notably, the surface of my skin is now so smooth that applying makeup no longer highlights the flaws in its texture.

N.B. I've incorporated the pads into my evening routine, using them on a daily basis post-cleanse and prior to applying any serums, oils, or creams etc. In order to make them last a bit longer I also cut them in half, and haven't found this has compromised upon their efficacy at all.

My only gripe with this product [and with the Radical range in general] are the names, which all err on the theme of anti-aging, despite the fact that Radical themselves frequently emphasise the suitability of their products for all skin types. Something I can wholeheartedly vouch for having used a number of products from the Radical range with visible success - especially in clearing up my blemish marks. I would therefore urge anyone interested in sampling the range to not place too much stock upon the names, for after all [in the words of Shakespeare] what's in a name?

If you're UK-based, you'll find Radical stocked in Space NK, Harvey Nichols, and on Net-a-Porter - do ask for samples if you're in-store and explore the range yourself, they have some lovely pieces and are a brand to watch for sure!

Have you tried the Radical Exfoliating pads?


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