Whether you're in the backseat of a cab, railing across the country, or simply need to counter the 3pm slump, everyone requires a set of hardworking, overachieving, and versatile beauty essentials to help perfect and revive your look in times of need; think subtle enhancements and improvements, as opposed to constructing an entirely new look. These handbag essentials are ideal for passenger seat touch-ups and getting fixed up in restaurant bathrooms when time is of the essence.

Wherever you're going, these failsafe beauty supplies will remedy all in one fell swoop.

OJON Rare Blend Tamer Wand*

Whilst some may reach for a canister of hairspray and a repurposed mascara wand, for best results, see the real deal [which also happens to be small enough to slip into even the smallest of clutch bags]. The formula of this frizz-tamer extraordinaire features coconut oil and kukui seed oil, and is so lightweight that it won't cause stickiness or lock strands together in a single stiff mass as many products do. Instead it delivers a concentrated but invisible blend of Ojon's rare restorative oils, which immediately smoothens and softens hair with long-term as well as immediate effects. Calming even the most stubborn flyaways and keeping hair frizz-free even when moisture levels are high, this gives the appearance of sleek, freshly-combed hair without compromising upon volume or style,.

EVE LOM Sheer Radiance Translucent Powder*

In the style of PhotoShop's 'airbrush' effect, this blurs over imperfections with a soft-focus glow that brings a new lease of life and refinement to a made-up complexion. The innovative formula contains multi-faceted particles, which diffuse and soften light in order to refine the complexion; blurring pores and fading discolouration with a sheer but transformative coverage that gives skin a sophisticated candlelit glow. The micro-fine texture is both invisible and completely weightless, yet prevents oiliness and shine without compromising upon glow or casting skin matte. I never leave the house without it.

LIPSENSE Lip Colour in Brick*

A red lip is a failsafe way to bring a new lease of life to makeup, adding instant glamour in less than a minute and detracting from a less than perfect complexion. If you've ever wondered why the beauty world has yet to create an everlasting lipstick, then wonder no more because this cult favourite is just that. LipSense's intensely pigmented lip colours stain lips for up to 12 hours [no exaggeration, they are completely budge-proof - Snapchat demonstration coming soon [@that-gracegirl]. Lock down the colour with a layer of the brand's long-lasting gloss and anticipate waterproof, kiss-proof, cocktail-proof lipstick in a matter of minutes. I've road-tested Brick [a lovely warm muted red] over the past few weeks and can confirm that even after a three-course meal, post-dinner drinks, and a long hot shower it remained intact. In short, this is a one-stop touch-up that will leave you carefree as far as lips are concerned, and what more could a girl want?


CHARLES WORTHINGTON Volume & Bounce Texturising Powder*

There's a fine line between volume with edge and volume with finesse; whilst the former predominantly involves the backcombing techniques we perfected during our teen years, the latter requires something a little more artful and discreet. Enter the volumising powder - this is instant volume, no backcombing required. Hair appears simultaneously silky smooth and luxuriously thick. Expect fullness, structure, and long-lasting lift with a matte finish. Above all, this virtually weightless miniature claims a place in this edit for its compact portability, which make it a carefree addition to any getaway bag.

BYREDO Bullion Perfume Roll-On Oil

Fragrance rarely falls under the on-the-go category, notably at the hand of its packaging - as much of an inconvenience as it is an aesthetic dream. In lieu of rummaging to the bottom of your purse for miniature perfume tester vials [which, as useful as they are, prevent any attempt at sporting a signature scent], invest instead in a vial of perfume oil. As compact and portable as a tube of mascara, and with reinforced packaging that renders breakage the least of your worries, this is handbag-friendly beauty at its best. Byredo have translated eight of their most popular scents into oil form, without compromising on a single aspect of their beautifully complex and intricate formulas [Bullion is an especial favourite of mine as its versatile woody base suits any season, time, or occasion]. Note that the chief benefit of an oil-based fragrance formula is its absorption - the skin naturally absorbs oils, locking scent into the pores and prolonging the fragrance's lifespan.

RAHUA Voluminous Dry Shampoo*

Multi-tasking is especially important when you're on-the-go and passed for both time and space. This dry shampoo is one of my go-tos for its versatility; it creates a light, airy volume and refreshes second/third-day hair by absorbing natural oils with its 100% natural formula, whilst infusing locks with a clean, refreshing scent. I favour powder-based dry shampoos over aerosols for they almost always demonstrate finesse and boast a prolonged effect, and this one does both in abundance. The invisible and weightless consistency make it an ideal way to refresh hair between shampoos and prolong the life of a waning hairstyle.

AĒSOP Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

A unique blend of fragrant botanical extracts and powerful moisturisers, this rich hand cream nourishes the skin and provides deep, long-lasting hydration with immediately softening effects. What's more, it absorbs upon contact, leaving skin soft, matte, and grease-free - making it suitable for even last minute application. Almost like a perfume in cream form, its herbaceous fragrance is deep, complex, warm, and sensual, making this a fast and effective way to add a final touch of olfactory finesse in lieu of a bottle of scent [it can also be used as an all-over body treatment, should you have both time and inclination]. 

CLARINS Fix Makeup*

Banish the ill effects of time and travel with a spritz of this rejuvenating facial mist. As refreshing as a cold drink of water on a hot day, it breathes life into an established face of makeup and is hydrating without being sticky or disturbing. Rose and grapefruit soften and brighten the skin whilst silicone microspheres lock down makeup and prevent shine and slip, and an invigorating fragrance promotes a feeling of refreshment and wellbeing via subtle aromatherapy. Whether you use it to set a freshly painted face, hydrate an over-powdered complexion, or revive makeup that is showing signs of caking or slipping away, this will have immediate and lasting effect with behind the scenes skincare benefits.

What are you favourite products for on-the-go beauty touch-ups?


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