Since I’m a winter-lover through and through, writing this season’s content is one of my favourite times of the year. Come November I relish the chance to shake up my beauty routine; the shelves of department store beauty halls are always crowded with exciting new releases, and old favourites come back into play, bringing nostalgic scents and reaping seasonal benefits.

Think of the below as gift-list inspiration; beauty picks for the time of year when your budget can stretch to accommodate something a little more luxe...



Draw inspiration from Tom Ford’s latest lip collection to add a cool, modern edge to your classic winter lip colour choices. From a soft red to a muted coral and toasted caramel, these uber-flattering shades are the perfect festive hues. The collection encompasses 50 miniature bullets, with shades that flatter all skintones, ranging from subtle silky sheens through to amplified pops of colour that pump up the drama for wild things. My personal favourite? Roberto; a red lip can always be relied upon to lift a look with minimal effort.


THE CLEANSING RITUAL : OSKIA Renaissance Cleansing Gel*

For skin that exudes a radiant glow, look no further. This vitamin-rich cleansing balm melts onto the skin, transforming into a silky oil that removes dead skin cells and impurities - the main culprits of dull skin. Like a superfood supplement, the formula contains potent antioxidants that combat pollution and pigmentation issues. Make use of the emollient texture to perform a daily face massage, which will tone facial muscles and drain toxins. The result? A moisture-drenched, bright, dewy complexion - no makeup required. Use pre-party for glowing skin.


There is nothing more cathartic than going back to basics. This ‘does what it says on the tin’ moisturiser delivers intensive hydration, without overloading skin with unnecessary additions - a revelation for those typically reluctant to introduce new products into their routine. The shea butter-based formula offers soothing relief to dry, irritated skin, leaving it soft and supple, and restoring depleted moisture levels.


THE INSTANT RELAXER : MOA Fortifying Green Bath Potion*

When it comes to winter relaxation, there is little that cannot be achieved from the comfort of one’s own bathroom. Long working days call for an evening that involves soaking in an aromatic infusion - a foolproof method to achieving the ever elusive state of complete relaxation. Expect an exhilarating aromatic experience [thanks to a potent blend of peppermint, yarrow, fir, and fennel oils] that clear the mind, soften the skin, and soothe aching muscles.


Dark, warm hues are a winter manicure essential, but the key is to keeping them playful and modern. This season Chanel have just the ticket, a sheer topcoat wrought through with gold-leaf inspired pigments, designed to be layered over the brand’s classic best-selling polish, Rouge Noir. Don’t forget that when it comes to gold glitter top coats, there is no such thing as too much - layer it on.


We may spend the majority of the winter months under wraps, but come party-season, legs and arms are exposed, and a flash of skin calls for all-over body maintenance. Whilst limbs are still damp, lock in moisture with this vibrantly-scented shea butter-based body moisturiser. Provitamin B5 delivers fatty acids, boosts collagen, and reinforces the skin’s natural barrier. The formula is designed for efficient absorption, and leaves skin matte and soft to touch within seconds of application. Whilst it works wonderfully on its own, add a few drops of body oil for an overnight treatment with supercharged results.



The ultimate low-effort, high-impact hair treatment - this multi-tasking leave-in oil improves hair’s manageability, smooth frizz, adds shine, and breathes new life into day-two hair. The magic ingredient is camellia oil, which penetrates the hair follicles to deliver nourishing fatty acids that help to retain moisture and protect hair from environmental pollutants. Long since used by geishas to achieve a glossy look, it makes a fantastic pre-shampoo treatment - although I personally favour applying it post-wash as a leave-in conditioner. Simple, effective, and virtuous - my favourite kind of hair product.


THE IN-SHOWER PICK-ME-UP : CLARINS Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate*

The secret to cashmere-soft limbs starts in the shower. Hot air opens the pores and increases the speed and depth of ingredient absorption, whilst activating the ingredients within this concentrated cleansing treatment. The soothing aroma of basil, chamomile, and petitgrain fills the shower, offering olfactory stimulation that relaxes both a stressed mind and strained muscles. Thanks to the coconut oil base, the formula lathers to a silky texture that offers a gentle cleanse. The perfect way to luxe up shower time when your apartment lacks a tub.


THE ANTI-FRIZZ REGIME  : DAVINES Oi Shampoo & Conditioner

When we neglect to tailor our haircare routine to suit the season, hair easily shows signs of damage. In winter’s case, frizzy, coarse, dull hair. This moisture-rich duo contains roucou oil, which restructures hair, stimulating melanin production and encouraging growth for an inside-out approach to taming your mane. The formula instantly softens and maximises shine, creating the perfect foundation for undone, cool textured waves.


To refine the necessary glamorous party eye, tap into the trend for warm, vibrant eye colours. From dark purples to rich bordeaux, a subtle injection of colour is infinitely better when attempting a wearable take on a smoky gothic eye. This bewitching wine red is especially flattering against a blue or green eye colour; apply multiple coats for depth of colour and sheen, and keep lashes long and thick to amp the vamp factor.

What are your luxury winter beauty essentials?

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