Shavata Brow Studios' Manchester Harvey Nichols location; branches can be found in Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser, and Debenhams beauty halls nationwide.


Founded in 2004 by brow guru Shavata Singh, Shavata Brow Studios offers an array of threading and tinting treatments designed to provide the most natural and flattering enhancement of each individual's brows. The brand's relatable beauty ethos is based around the premise that brows are 'sisters, not twins'. Via a combination of threading, waxing, and plucking, brows are shaped to create the perfect frame, complement the eyes, and lift the face.


The salon's most frequently requested services - an eyebrow tint and threading. Together the process took no more than twenty minutes, and included a quick post-treatment enhancement with the brand's Brow Pencil and Arch Enhancer [see below], making this the ideal treatment to schedule in between meetings or during a lunch break.


My previous salon-based brow experiences have been far from commendable [between the painful and highly impersonalised treatment that is the 'Bene-brow' experience and some shockingly poor customer service at Blink Brow bar] it had been almost a year since I had let anybody but myself anywhere near my brows with a pair of tweezers to hand. My Shavata experience however was overwhelmingly positive - friendly staff, who asked all of the necessary questions and were clearly committed to achieving the results that I wanted [as opposed to following strict brand legislation] and a final look that saw me confidently able to leave Harvey Nichols for a busy day of meetings [rather than scurrying back home to weep, hide, and douse my brows in castor oil].

I tint my brows from home on a regular basis, and as both the process and results at Shavata were identical to those I achieve [at relatively minimal cost from the comfort of my own bathroom], I probably wouldn't choose to have this performed in a salon again. Saying that, if you're wary of the consequences of tinting your own brows, or simply want to get an idea of the process ahead of DIY'ing it, then I would hugely recommend the Shavata tinting treatment. Swift, thorough, and exceedingly professional, I had every confidence in my therapist's skills. Likewise, she performed the threading process with equal confidence and expertise - resulting in the most pain-free threading I have ever experienced, and a final look that can only be described as 'my brows but better'. I didn't find myself staring into the mirror at a pair of insanely overarched [and decidedly not me brows] but an improvement and a suggestion of lift and enhancement were quite evident.

When it comes to shaping brows I'm a huge advocate of leaving it to the professionals and in between threading appointments I do little more than some occasional plucking. I've always considered this to be a regrettably lazy approach to brow maintenance [I tend to let my powder, pencils, and pomades do the hard work on a daily basis], and rather than get too enthusiastic with the tweezers had anticipated committing to bi-monthly salon visits. However, what I appreciated most about my Shavata Brows experience was that I was not encouraged to book in for an immediate follow-up appointment [as is the practice in most salons]. Instead I was told not to get my brows threaded for at least a further nine months [it even states on the website that having your eyebrows professionally done once a year is all that's needed as a basis for at-home maintenance]. For me this speaks volumes for the authenticity and reliability of the brand [one that places customer's needs and trust before sales targets is a rare and much-coveted find indeed] and has certainly ensured my future custom.


To complement and enhance the treatment, Shavata has created a line of specialist products designed to maintain and groom brows between appointment. Once again the focus is upon a natural approach, each product is designed to be easily adapted to each individual's preferences.

Brow Strengthener* : Castor oil in its finest, silkiest form [meaning it won't run into your eyes, and can even be worn in the day prior to applying the below]. The award-winning formula encourages growth and nourishes hair, and the nifty rollerball applicator renders application a fuss-free addition to your daily beauty regime.

Double-Ended Pencil* : A double-ended brow pencil that manages to succeed where most brow pencils fail - in creating natural-looking brows devoid of the dreaded 'block brow' effect. The shades are perfect taupe browns [not a hint of red pigment in sight] and the formula lasts flawlessly - once applied, it won't budge.

Arch Enhancer* : A soft, creamy pencil in a perfect cool ivory shade; ideal for lifting and enhancing the arch by subtly highlighting the brow bone. Apply beneath the arch and blend with your ring finger for a natural finish.

Have you tried the Shavata brow experience?


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