Whilst I'm rarely short of beauty products [and as much as I love trying new launches], I am a creature of habit; especially when it comes to beauty products that work really really well, do exactly what they say they will, and make a difference with immediate and lasting effect. This is especially true of skincare; for after years of struggling to find the perfect products for my complexion, when I do fall upon The One, I'm loathe to risk replacing it and tend to stick to those I love. I'm a little more adventurous with makeup, but there still remains those rare few that remain uncontested within their categories. Given the amount of products I test on a continual basis throughout the year, I rarely find myself coming to the end of a bottle or scraping from the remnants from a tube or palette. Therefore the fact that every one of the below has been repurchased at least once within the past year is testament to my love for it. The list could have been much longer but in order to keep things relatively concise, below are eight products that have earned my unfailing loyalty and devotion.

It will be no surprise to long-term readers that the EVE LOM Cleanser* is first up on this list. Despite having tried some absolutely excellent cleansers within the past few months especially [namely the PAI Camelia and Rose Gentle Hyrating Cleanser* and the OSKIA Renaissance Cleansing Gel*], I always find myself returning to this cult favourite - a luxurious balm that melts onto the skin, and never fails to leave my complexion silky soft and radiant post-use. This product manages to achieve the unthinkable, performing multiple tasks with equal prowess; removing makeup, cleansing, toning, exfoliating, and moisturising in one single step. Despite its mineral oil inclusion, this doesn't break me out, and my skin always seems to remain blemish free when I'm using it consitenctly. Not cheap, granted, but a tub lasts me six months when used continually, and could easily stretch to nine if used a little more sparingly.

Having been through three jars of the EVE LOM Brightening Cream* in the past nine months, this was another definite on my list for inclusion. My skin never looks or feels clearer, brighter, or healthier than it does when I'm using this on a nightly basis. I'm very rarely truly impressed by a moisturiser, and in truth, never expect to be blown away by a product essentially created simply to pile on the hydration. However, this cream goes above and beyond the expected [and aside from providing my complexion with a hefty dose of moisture], its brightening capabilities are its crowning glory. Not only does my entire complexion appear noticeably fresh and glowy when I'm using this, but blemish marks and hyperpigmentation fade faster than ever.

I've lost count of how many times I've repurchased the GARNIER Micellar Cleansing Water; far from a virtuous form of cleansing when used on its own, but more than efficacious when used simply to remove the bulk of my makeup prior to a second cleanse with my Eve Lom Cleanser. There's little to be said about this product other than that it performs exceptionally well, lifting both base and eye makeup without the need for scrubbing, and leaving my skin feeling incredibly calm, cool, and soothed. Almost indistinguishable from water in its texture and appearance, this is an ideal way to remove makeup from sensitive skin.

I wash my hair infrequently enough that the haircare contribution to this piece remains concise; BUMBLE & BUMBLE's Hairdresser's Invisible Oil* is the kind of product you don't realise you need until you've tried it [and consequently realise you can't live without it]. I sue this everyday, so despite the fact that only the tiniest amount is required, I'm now onto my second bottle in as many years. Far from a traditional 'oil' product, this has an almost dry gel-like texture that means it doesn't contribute buildup or leave greasy residue in my hair. Instead it provides instant softness, and gives a sleek, smooth finish that instantly tames flyaways and frizz, and calms fluffy ends. I apply this every morning for that silken 'runs through you fingers like liquid' effect.

There's a good reason why I stock up on the NO7 Precision Lips Pencil in Nude every time the No7 vouchers are released - this is without a doubt the best nude lip liner I have ever used, and I can't imagine not having one in every handbag, pencil case, nook, and cranny. The texture is that perfect balance of firm but soft - meaning that you can draw a sleek, precise line without pulling at the skin. The colour is also a perfect pink nude, and blends in flawlessly with my natural lip colour meaning I can pair this with lipsticks of any and every colour.

Probably the longest running favourite in my entire beauty collection, I've never not had a L'OREAL Volume Million Lashes Mascara wand in my makeup bag since turning 16. In my opinion a near enough exact dupe of CHANEL's Le Volume Mascara, this is a failsafe way to achieve 'falsie effect' lashes in one fell swoop [indeed I am rarely not quizzed about my choice of false eyelashes when wearing this]. Ticking every box; volume, length, separation, and last, but most especially volume, you literally cannot go wrong with this mascara. Pair it with the NARS Eyelash Curler and you'll never wear falsies again. 

As a pale girl, I rarely find success or finesse in utilising a bronzer as a contour product and have lost count of how many products I've used over the years, all promising to achieve a 'naturally sculpted' effect on fairer skintones. ILLAMASQUA Cream Pigment in Hollow does just that; it's the perfect grey-toned product for adding shadow and definition, and the cream formula gives a soft, fresh finish that appears infinitely more natural than a powder.

When it comes to covering up spots, scars, and blemish marks, the successful concealing candidate must demonstrate finesse in both texture and colour; anything too thin will slip off, too thick will cake up, and likewise, a shade that leans too light or dark will serve only to emphasise the blemish. I'm onto my third MAC Studio Finish Concealer which is more than proof of this product's prowess. It's unrivalled in its performance, masking even the largest, angriest of blemishes from dawn till dusk. For best results I double layer it beneath and above my foundation, setting it with a touch of powder each time.

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What are your forever repurchased beauty failsafes?


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