December brought with it an explosion of festivity and cheer that couldn't help but inspire me to shake up my beauty regime just a little - see below, a do-it-all primer, a new hue of eyeshadow, and an indulgent in-shower treatment. Similarly, the weather’s effect upon my complexion called for a boost on the hydration front, and if there’s one thing I’ve learnt this year it’s that moisture can [and should] be sought from more than just one’s moisturiser. This month, replacing my makeup remover with a cleansing oil, followed up by a luxe treatment oil has been just the ticket in restoring a much-needed glow.


Cast aside, for a moment, notions of heavy, pore-clogging primers; here is a base product done in a very different way. A weightless, velvet-soft cream that melts into the skin leaving a silky-smooth, dry surface - I use this in makeovers on a daily basis and it has the ability to completely transform the texture of even the roughest, driest complexions [and performs just as well on oily skin too]. There’s simply not another primer that comes close to keeping makeup looking ‘fresh’ throughout the day [without unnecessary glitter or sparkle]. Whilst I do observe a soft-focus effect that certainly tones down the appearance of blemish marks and redness post-application, the defining feature of this primer for me is its efficiency as a ridiculously simple, affordable shortcut to smooth skin and flawless makeup application. 


Micellar waters are all well and good for removing the bulk of makeup, but come winter, dull, lacklustre skin calls for something with a little extra by way of performance and finesse. Cleansing oils are the next best thing for demonstrating speedy and efficient makeup removal, alongside added benefits that micellar waters typically lack. Here, a base of antioxidant-rich olive oil delivers vitamins to the skin and gives this cult cleanser a thick, soothing texture, which is a joy to massage in [add warm water and it transforms to a milk]. It has almost no scent, and although I regard it as a makeup remover [and so always follow it up with a second cleanser] it leaves my skin feeling perfectly clean, soft and nourished [and with a radiant glow that no micellar water could possibly invoke].


Who says pink is only for lips and cheeks? Pink lids are without a doubt the most contemporary way to mix up your beauty look this season and whilst mastering the art of pink eyeshadow may be a hit-and-miss minefield, this eyeshadow makes the trend infinitely easier to nail. If, like me, you tend to gravitate towards neutral and metallic shades, this soft, dusky pink is a perfect entrance to the world of colour [and will pair up beautifully with any number of gold, bronze, and copper hues]. The light, silky texture and creamy, pigmented formula mean that both the colour and satin sheen translate flawlessly from palette to lid, and last all day long. It’s also super versatile and blends well with other formulas: after hours I add a little metallic cream eyeshadow or a matte smoke grey to contrast the ultra-feminine look with something a little more sultry and dramatic.


Everyone knows that a facial oil treatment is the ultimate indulgence for winter skin, but throw in the name ‘Sisley’ and you’re truly in for a treat. Especially given that this powerhouse blend contains an incredibly high concentration of active ingredients that noticeably make a difference to your complexion in no time at all. This incredibly delicate oil absorbs quickly and without the greasy feeling of heavier oils, which means it layers beautifully beneath consequently applied night cream. It’s been a constant in my evening routine over the past month, I love the process of warming it between my hands before spending a few moments massaging it in. It leaves my skin feeling so comforted, but not smothered, and has restored a fresh, dewy glow to my lacklustre winter skin.


Nobody does spa treatments quite like Clarins; or spa products for that matter. Which is why I’m putting this innovative cleansing treatment on your radar. This winter, try swapping your trusty shower gel for something a little more inspiring. This vibrantly scented gel has a 'spa-in-your-shower' vibe thanks to a concoction of potent essential oils [including basil, chamomile, and petitgrain] that activate in the heat of a bath or shower. The powerful, stimulating aroma calms the senses whilst St John’s Wort, Linden, and Valerian extracts relax tired muscles, and the coconut oil base offers a deep, softening cleanse. I’ve taken to mixing a little with Clarins’ Exfoliating Body Scrub, for a refreshing, stimulating treatment that is as close as you’ll get to recreating one of the brand’s iconic spa treatments within the comfort of your own bathroom.

How have you shaken up your beauty routine this month?

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