HOLA, from a new look THAT GRACE GIRL!

It seems like a spring clean is fast becoming a tradition for TGG. The last few months have had me yearning to give this site a makeover, and in recent weeks [with the help of Jen and Alex - who have been amazing in putting up with my frantic questions and moments of panic!] I've finally managed to bring my dreams and doodles to life.

My main inspiration for the aesthetic you see today came from writing a manifesto, which really got me thinking about who THAT GRACE GIRL is and what I wanted the name of this site to stand for. Essentially, I wanted to refine TGG into something which represents the modern woman; she who can simultaneously declare herself a feminist and a lipstick lover.

In writing my manifesto, I was inspired by the women who surround me, who come from and embrace so many different walks of life but are all united by a common interest in beauty; my mum, my sister, the best friends I've known for years, and the girls I've met online who are fast becoming the kinds of best friends I'll know for years. Essentially I sought to embody the women who read this blog; you are smart, inspiring, and enlightened women who embrace a love of beauty with intelligence and ingenuity. You are fun, modern, feminine, and have a love for all things luxe; and I really wanted the design and the philosophy of TGG to exhibit this.

After almost two years of blogging, I feel like I've reached a point which I've somehow unknowingly been aiming for; the content I'm creating has shaped itself into a genre which is simultaneously comfortable and challenging to me. My goal is for TGG to be more than just a beauty blog, and I hope that that is something which you will agree with, especially post-revamp. I want it to combine the best of the blogging world with standout editorial elements, and most importantly maintain integrity. I hope you will see this site as a resource to which you can return again and again, a space in which to meet like-minded people, and a platform where you can embrace and discuss beauty in a fresh, enlightened fashion.

Finally, thank you. TGG's readership has grown so much within the last six months that it genuinely astounds me that so many of you choose to read my words. So whether you joined today, last month, or have been here for years, THANK YOU - without you I would never have been inspired to either undertake this redesign, or to blog as and when I do. Big big love to you all.

What are your thoughts on the revamp?  - tweet me @thatgracegirl.


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