Introducing a new look to the end of the month.

I'm hoping that BEAUTY BITES will present a fresh and slightly more inspiring take on the traditional monthly favourites format. I had planned to scrap the concept altogether, but truth be told I find it an excellent way of introducing products I've adored, in lieu of multiple dedicated reviews, which I know can get a little tedious. On a similar note, I don't alway have the opportunity to share these products in posts throughout the month if they haven't quite fit into the themes and topics I've scheduled; so it's a good opportunity for me to highlight those which have really stood out to me behind the scenes. 

First up, five from April.


OPI Nail Lacquer in Barefoot in Barcelona

When it comes to makeup I'm really not a fan of pink at all [my blushes verge on the muted-brown end of the spectrum, my lipsticks lean either coral or nude, and pink eyeshadows are a rarity in my collection indeed]. Similarly, my nail polish lineup features few pink hues, and yet my most worn polish of late has been this decidedly pink [albeit with nude/brown undertones] offering from OPI. Believe it or not, my first from the cult brand [I've always been an Essie girl], and it's left me dying to try out more [any recommendations?]. The formula is quite something - just a single coat applies opaque and lasts days before showing any signs of wear and tear. 

CODAGE Spring Break Serum*

The serum I haven't stopped reaching for for the past two months, and which has me keen to try out more from luxe French pharmaceutical brand CODAGE, is the iconic Spring Break. This reparative treatment has a light, fresh fragrance and applies with a cool, silken texture, absorbing quickly and without leaving any residue or stickiness. Designed to repair and reconstruct damaged skin, it's rich with anti-oxidants and repair proteins, and has been the perfect accompaniment to the exfoliating pads [see here] and brightening cream [see below] I've recently been using to tackle blemish marks. Between the three, the marks have faded at lightning pace, leaving my skin brighter, clearer, and smooth to touch. 


EVE LOM Brightening Cream*

Whilst I would find it impossible to label a particular cleanser, mask, or serum a favourite due to range of choice, when it comes to moisturiser I'd find it tough due to lack of inspiration. I've previously never been overly taken with a particular face cream, I've liked and I've disliked, but I've not yet loved. That is until now. Indeed, I doubt words will suffice to do justice to my love for this new launch from Eve Lom, a brand which has fast become a favourite in my skincare [and makeup] routine of late. With a light gel-like texture and delicate rose fragrance, this cream may sound unassuming but its results are nothing short of miraculous. My dehydrated skin has neither looked nor felt as healthy and bright as it has in the past couple of months, and I 100% attribute that to this gem.

LIPSTICK QUEEN Lipstick in Medieval*

Expect an entire post devoted to Lipstick Queen within the near future because it's safe to say I am 100% hooked. For me, the star of the show is Medieval, the product for which the brand [and its founder Poppy King] is best known. The historian in me adores the inspiration behind the shade - in medieval times lipstick was banned [due to its immoral implications] and so women used lemon juice to bring out the red in their lips [via its acidity]. Medieval attempts to recreate that "just-bitten" red, and is supposedly the shade of red which flatters all skintones. If you've previously shied away from the shade, then this is the one to try.


BYREDO Bal D'Afrique Body Cream*

Another historically-inspired product, this decadent body cream has a scent inspired by the fascination with African culture which infatuated avant-garde Paris during the 1920s. Intense and vibrant, its top-notes of lemon and bergamot give way to a rich musky base, with delicate hints of violet and cedarwood. Upon first application it reminds me of summer evenings -  the scent of warm heady blooms, tainted with the smokiness of distant bonfires. However, it fades to a lighter, zestier aroma which reminds me more of summer mornings - when you rise with the dawn chorus and the sky is bright with the promise of a day of glorious sunshine. The cream itself is thick and soft and allows for an indulgent bathing experience; leaving limbs with a velveteen texture, the scent lingers well into the evening.


Which products have you been adoring this month?


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