If you're in any way clued up re. the latest beauty trends then you'll no doubt already be rolling your eyes over the title of today's post. Fad, extravagance, pointless, call it what you will; the hair perfume has made its [olfactory] mark upon 2015's beauty scene and has been heralded as the product of the season. It may not serve a wealth of benefits but hair perfume is certainly a decadent addition to any beauty routine, offering the same luxury we afford to lipstick and perfume. 

More than just a pretty smell/bottle, hair perfume covers all manner of sins. The porous nature of hair means it can hold fragrance longer and better than skin, rendering it the ideal place to apply scent [and FYI normal perfume in hair is a no-no due to the [drying] alcohol content]. Ideal if you're wary of too-frequent hair-washing, or are dashing from gym to drinks, and the perfect way to wear fragrance to bed - providing a veil of scent without being overpowering. Expect the below to do to your hair what Charlie Red did to your high-school changing rooms [albeit way more luxe]. 

BYREDO Bal d'Afrique Hair Perfume*

Cheat princess hair with this elegant mist, which stays true to the rich and vibrant scent you fell in love with at the perfume counter. Bal d'Afrique presents a warm and heady blend of bergamot, violet, and lemon, which fades through to a rich base of musk, vetiver, and amber. Inspired by 1920's Paris and the avant-garde fascination with African culture, the result is both intense and unique. As hair perfume, it serves best when your locks are worn loose [it's activated by movement] and subtly diffuses scent throughout the day. The formula is completely weightless, you can't feel it on your hair at all, and it contains ingredients that serve to nourish and add shine. Pop this petite [purse-friendly] bottle into your handbag and spray on-the-go.


THAMEEN Peacock Throne Hair Fragrance*

You won't need to go overboard with the spritzes on this one, and will even be able to hold off on the perfume, because Thameen sure know how to do a lasting scent. Inspired by the Peacock Throne created for the Emperors of India in the C17th, the scent exudes a rich, warm base of vetiver, patchouli, and vanilla, with top notes of oris, jasmine, rose, and pink pepper. Aside from swathing the hair in so opulent a scent [which will last from dawn till dusk [or vice versa]], the formula is enriched with a blend of keratin, vitamins, and argan oil, which serve to restore, strengthen, and moisturise your tresses. Summer nights will not be complete without it. 


SACHAJUAN Protective Hair Perfume*

Sachajuan's offering does go the extra mile. It contains an innovative anti-odour technology that replaces unwanted smells with a delicate veil of the brand's signature scent [a fresh and fruity floral, with musky base notes]. It's also infused with keratin and silk oils, which provide a boost of moisture, as well as adding high-shine and preventing static. Better still is the inclusion of UV-protection, which renders this beachy scent summer-perfect. Paired with a little dry shampoo to the roots, this is an A+ way to cheat just-washed perfection, without clashing with your new summer fragrance.


Given that [as with any luxury product] dedicated hair perfumes don't come cheap, I thought it would be prudent to dedicate a little airtime to some slightly more affordable options, should you wish to sport lusciously scented tresses without the hefty price-tag. Whilst these options do not specifically 'serve to scent', they more than perform when it comes to adding fragrance to your locks. BUMBLE & BUMBLE's Hairdresser's Invisible Oil is one of my daily staples; a blend of oils with a light gel-like formula [so as to leave no unwanted greasiness] this product serves to tame frizz, nourish ends, and add polish. Its scent is warm and sweet [without being edible à la Bath & Body Works] a comforting blend of coconut and almond. The L'OREAL PARIS ELVIVE Extraordinary Oil Mist serves a similar purpose, albeit in a fine spray that provides intense shine. It can be used wet or dry, but it's scent [chamomile, coconut, rose] has a more lasting impression upon dry locks.

Have you yet explored the realm of hair perfume?