Little [to no] introduction is required for Instagram's darling, Byredo; for despite their minimalistic design, the brand's luxe and highly covetable bottles and tubes are instantly recognisable, having captured the hearts of beauty lovers worldwide.

Founded in 2006 by Stockholm Art School graduate Ben Gorham, Byredo offers up an olfactory dream to the discerning fragrance fanatic. Deep, complex, and quite unlike anything you've ever smelt before, Byredo's scents are a refreshing and enlightening alternative to the mundanity of the high-street fragrance counter. The brand's vision is inspired by Gorham's artistic background; it is far more than just another fragrance house, and with every launch and collaboration manages to push the boundaries of beauty into the realms of art, lifestyle, and fashion. Each scent is inspired by a minute and particular detail; a place, a moment in time, a colour, or a specific work of art. Indeed, everything about Byredo, from its intriguing and unusual scent combinations, to the forms in which the scents are presented [from traditional EDPs to oils and hair perfumes] manifests creativity and quality.

This is fragrance, with a difference.


Gingembre Candle

This limited edition candle is inspired by Swedish bakery treats, and exudes a sophisticated and refined take upon the popular genre of "edible" fragrance, without descending into Yankee Candle territory [this is no mean feat, and speaks reams for the discernment and ability of the brand].  The supersize votive burns smoothly and slowly; omitting scent even when it stands unlit, it fills the room with warm and peppery notes of ginger and vanilla. The elegant base notes of leather and violet render it a refined spin on a typically cloying scent and the ginger and vanilla are a winning combination; for who can resist the nostalgic romance of the holiday season?

Bal d’Afrique Hair Perfume

Innovation is at the heart of Byredo's creative process, and nowhere is this more evident than in the brand's latest launch - a capsule collection that sees three of the brand's most iconic scents overhauled in the form of hair perfumes. Unlike standard perfume [which is alcohol heavy, and therefore drying upon hair when used excessively] the formula is infused with a nourishing blend of silicones and polymers, which nourish, moisturise, and add a veil of shine and luminosity. Expertly crafted to not only last, but to diffuse subtly throughout the day [amplified by movement], Bal d'Afrique's evocative scent [a vibrant blend of bergamot, lemon, violet, and amber] is given new life in its contemporary form. 


Gypsy Water Eau de Parfum

Nothing spells [or should I say smells?] Bohemian spirit quite like the fragrant combination of incense, pine needles and sandalwood [making this perfume more than SS'15 appropriate]. Gypsy Water is a Byredo bestseller, and with good reason. A sweet and heady aroma that blends in with your natural scent, the fragrance is inspired by the Romany lifestyle; ripe, woody, and sensual - perfect for lazy summer mornings. It's delicate, mellow, and subtle but incredibly long-lasting. More than just Instagram-worthy.

La Tulipe Hand Cream

It’s rare to find a hand cream that delivers on scent without compromising on hydration, but Byredo's offerings do just that. Launched at the end of 2014, four of the brand's signature scents were given a luxe skincare spin; and [joyfully] the reformulation has no diluting effect upon the fragrance, which in fact remains stronger than ever. This is the kind of hand cream you could easily apply in lieu of perfume, for the fresh and zesty scent [in this case rhubarb, tulip, and freesia] remains strong throughout the day.

Bullion Parfum Roll-On-Oil

From Sunday brunch to moonlit cocktails, this elegant scent will propel you from day to night with ease. Inspired by Ancient Persia, Bullion is as rich, dark, and opulent as the bazaars of the Ottoman Empire, yet remains emphatically fresh and modern. Innovative as ever, Byredo's take on roll-on perfume is formulated to provide long-lasting fragrance with smaller amounts of product application. The 7.5ml vial and roller-ball applicator render it the ultimate travel/handbag essential.


Bal d’Afrique Body Cream

Inspired by the 1920s, Paris, and African culture, this vibrant scent is a Byredo classic, and its freshness is resplendent in cream form. As far as body creams go, Byredo have triumphed, for this is as luxe as they come. The rich cream envelops the skin in both scent and a comforting blanket of hydration. Its thick, dense formula leaves limbs with a powdery velvet texture - delightfully non-greasy, and powerfully softening. The cacao butter formula is paraben-free and enriched with smoothing oils, which provide long-lasting hydration throughout the day. The perfect compliment to the corresponding perfume [or the above hair fragrance].


What are your Byredo favourites?


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