May is one of the those ‘in-between’ months, which sees us attempting to shrug away the icy mantle of winter in hope of a swift and smooth exchange for a veil of summer heat. The transition is never quite so clean however, and whilst we link up our bottles of SPF and eagerly buy in our ‘one-shade darker’ foundations, rolling our eyes at any mention of ‘pastels for spring’; our beauty picks in truth lie a little more upon the side of mundane, and only occasionally err upon seasonal.

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser*

Who doesn’t love a lighter approach to base-makeup after a winter spent layering the cream foundation on thick and fast, in attempt to mask the after-effects of winter’s wrath upon our complexions? Nars’ offering is a much-lauded favourite - affording effortless application, a weightless texture, and just the right amount of coverage.

EX NIHILO Vetiver Moloko Eau de Parfum*

A warm, androgynous, and bitter-sweet fragrance, best exemplified in the phrase ‘a man for all seasons’. I’ve been wearing it all month, and could quite happily displace all others until the bottle runs dry.


& OTHER STORIES Simply Dip Nail Polish Remover

Until recently I was removing my nail polish the old-school way; a bottle of own-brand acetone-free and a stack of cotton pads; cue, fifteen minutes of tedious soaking and scrubbing. The new-wave approach to nail polish removal is effortless, speedy, and more than efficient. A fifteen-second soak [maybe even ten with a little scrubbing action] and your nails are spotlessly clean, moisturised, and raring for their next layer of colour. & Other Stories’ offering smells like Parma Violets, and its chic packaging will render it a welcome addition to any minimalist’s beauty stash.

CLARINS Gentle Exfoliating Brightening Toner*

Chemical exfoliation has long been the bedrock of my skincare game-plan, and has made such an positive impact upon my complexion. The latest product to undergo testing in Chez TGG is this much-hyped Clarins favourite. Less of a typical toner [it has a thick, serum-like texture] and more of a delicate lotion, it is incredibly cooling, soothing, and refreshingly [in comparison to similar products] non-drying. The words ‘gentle’ and ‘exfoliating’ are very rarely seen or well-suited in such close proximity, but here they are quite truly a match in heaven. Stock up if your skincare dilemma is waged between acne scars and a sensitive complexion.

RAHUA Hair Wax*

In preparation for stellar beachy waves [frizz and fluffy-ends do not feature], make the most of the occasional sunny evening and ever-so-slightly warmer climes to set aside your hairdryer and air-dry your locks instead. A thick and nourishing balm such as this one will serve to keep ends soft and glossy, and will add a sleek separation to the lengths of your hair, which affords an effortlessly styled/lived-in look. Part styling product, part haircare, this is a multi-use gem.

What are your between-seasons beauty favourites?