When it comes to upgrading our beauty stash, we're all more than a little prone to turning first and foremost to our product lineup, splashing out a little more cash in order to guarantee foundation finesse or a longer-lasting eyeshadow. However, in order to really get the most out of your products, it's important to be using the right tools. Being well-equipped in this department can make a world of difference. Today sees a third edit of my favourite tool + product combinations [see parts one and two here]. 

ZOEVA 317 Wing Liner Brush* + ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Dipbrow Pomade

Dipbrow is renowned for being a 'love it or hate it' kind of product, and despite being a devotee, I can see why some are less enamoured, but don't jump to blame it on the pomade, because it is ALL about the brush. With the wrong tool you'll end up applying it too thick, leading to the clumpy, painted-on effect, which Dipbrow-critics cite in abundance [and fairly so, this effect is none too flattering]. If you've struggled to strike gold with Dipbrow then I'd definitely recommend trying out some different brushes. A combination of firm, stiff bristles and a delicate tapered edge with a decisive angle are required in order to ensure success with finesse. These qualities are embodied in Zoeva's Wing Liner Brush, proving that good eyebrows don't have to come at a price.

TANGLE TEEZER Original Brush + SACHAJUAN Leave-In Conditioner*

When my tresses were verging on Rapunzel length, the above pair was my post-shower saving grace. A leave-in conditioner has been a staple in my haircare routine for years, and Sachajuan's offering is by far one of the most effective [I also love Aussie's version] - never failing to keep my hair silky soft and knot-free for days after use. Likewise, aside from its famously pain-free tangle-busting capabilities, I adore the Tangle Teezer for the fact that it doesn't cause frizz or deplete hair of volume.

NARS #46 Push Eyeliner Brush* + NARS Eye Paint in Iskandar*

I'm completely obsessed with this pairing, two products so well-suited that I'd well believe them made for each other. Designed to be used to apply eyeshadow in an eyeliner effect, this brush allows for precision application and delivers a smooth fine line right into the roots of the lashes [it also works fantastically with a light gel-liner]. I adore cream eyeshadows - they're foolproof, effortless, and require minimal work - but the  Nars formula is seriously incredible. True to its name it renders a painted-on effect, which coats the lids in a wash of highly-saturated yet weightless pigment. Whilst I adore a bold wash of gold [especially with a shade as true as this one], for a subtle daytime look I love to apply it along my lash line. It constitutes a delicate gold-leaf effect, and is completely smudge-proof .

ZOEVA 227 Luxe Soft Definer Eye Brush* + CHANEL Les Ombres Eyeshadow Palette in Tissé Mademoiselle

Regularly hailed as a dupe for the MAC 217, my go-to blending brush of choice works best with eyeshadows that boast a soft, buttery formula [a quality which Chanel's exude in abundance]. It blends the shades together impeccably and with minimal effort required. Together these two products served to finally "get me into" eyeshadow [I'd previously struggled to achieve anything more complex than a one-wash look with cream/stick eyeshadows], so if you're keen to start experimenting with blending and sculpting then I'd strongly advise towards this duo. 

REAL TECHNIQUES Contour Brush + ILLAMASQUA Cream Pigment in Hollow

In the two years since I purchased the Real Techniques Core Collection, this brush has probably been least used of the four, despite the fact I've put it to a number of tasks in order to find it its perfect pair [it does serve well for blending concealer/highlighter beneath the eyes]. Recently, however Hollow found its way into my contour kit and the contour brush was given a whole new lease of life. It certainly serves better for sculpting with a cream product than a powder one, applying just the right amount of product in just the right place, and allowing for blending that doesn't equate to smudging.

What are your favourite beauty tools, and which products do you use them with?