Truth be told, I've been postponing and rescheduling this piece for weeks, though not for want of words to say; I could wax lyrical as regards the contents of the above little white tub [as you will soon discover] but I've struggled simply in finding words to do justice to my love for it. Before using the Eve Lom Cleanser* I didn't think it was possible to love a skincare product quite so much as I adore this one [and that's coming from a self-confessed skincare addict], but it's changed my skin in such a way that for the first time in my life, I've found myself truly relishing the prospect of taking my makeup off at the end of every day. This stuff is good. Brownie's honour.

With a formula which includes Cocoa Butter [to moisturise], Clove Oil [a natural antiseptic], Eucalyptus Oil [to drain toxins], and Egyptian Chamomile [to soothe and condition], this is something of a multi-purpose product - removing makeup, deeply cleansing, toning, exfoliating, and leaving skin radiant and moisturised. This cleanser manages to succeed where so many others fail, by demonstrating prowess in multitasking. Dry patches and blemishes alike are taken care of without being depleted of moisture, and those prone to shine will find moisture levels balanced within a few weeks of use. Likewise, if you suffer from a dull, congested, or scarred complexion, then you'll adore the fact that this cleanser goes beyond simply fighting and preventing future occurrences of these skincare concerns. Think of these as its Plan A, for its Plan B is a long-term brightening effect, a dedicated campaign to restoring radiance and vitality to even the most troubled complexions.

Essentially, this is the product [and Eve Lom the brand] if glow and radiance are upon your agenda.

In terms of application its texture is at first solid and almost gritty, but upon contact with the skin it melts into a thick oil, providing the perfect consistency for the Eve Lom facial massage technique, which with frequent use, serves to eliminate toxins via lymph drainage, tone the facial muscles, and improve circulation. Post-massage I usually leave it on for a few minutes before removing it with a warm soaked flannel or muslin cloth, and patting my face dry. This product performs best when you do take the time to massage it in - I am always amazed by just how soft and smooth my skin is to touch afterwards, it's incredibly effective at buffing away patches of dry skin without leaving them sore or stripped.

Use of this product is more than just your average daily cleanse/makeup removal however, it's an experience, and a luxe one at that. Between the scent, the texture, the technique of application, and the inherently calming and nourishing sensation you'll feel post-use, this is about as close as you'll get to bringing the professional facial experience into the comfort of your own bathroom [no candles necessary].

A final note, because I'm always sad to see criticism of a product which has had such a positive impact upon my skin; I do wish people would stop scaremongering about its mineral oil inclusion. I know some people really do have issues with mineral oil, but it's important to recognise that there are different types of mineral oils, and for the majority its inclusion won't make the slightest bit of difference [hence why it's an ingredient you'll find in a plethora of products]. It's an emollient which also serves to lock in moisture [read more here]], and can also [coincidentally] be found in my preferred/adored morning cleanser of choice, the La Roche-Posay Physiological Cleansing Gel. I for one have super sensitive, blemish-prone skin yet both cleansers have worked nothing but wonders on my complexion and my skin has never looked better. 

Last night I scraped the very last remnants from my tub [which has seen me through the past five months!] and decided that it was about time I finally hit publish on this post. For, whilst Vogue famously described this product as 'possibly the best cleanser in the world', TGG would like to go one step further and assert that this is 'most definitely the best cleanser in the world'.

Have you used the Eve Lom cleanser, if so what are your thoughts?

And if not, head to your nearest Eve Lom stockist for a sample, and try it out for yourself.


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