The world of haircare products is a vast one. So vast, in fact, that one could easily be forgiven for picking up whatever is on offer at the supermarket and getting on with one's life. However, chosen wisely, a good shampoo/conditioner duo can make all the difference, and many can eliminate [or at least significantly reduce] the necessity of styling products and tools altogether. The below is such a pair.

Tommy Guns haircare is not new, but only popped up on my radar [which I have to admit isn't as highly tuned to the haircare world as those of skincare and makeup] last year. Admittedly, the sleek, minimal bottles were what first caught my eye when perusing the shelves in John Lewis [where some surprisingly niche and interesting brands are to be found!], and I was drawn in by the unusual ingredient combinations offered [Sage & Basil, Jasmine & Nettle etc.]. Despite not having especially "chaotic and unruly" hair I opted for the Fig & Plum option, because, well, fig. Plus, the third haircare concern tackled on this duo's agenda is 'frizzy', and if there's anything my locks are suffering from come this end of winter it's those pesky flyaways.

I rarely have time to resort to the extreme measure of applying a deep treatment mask or oil on a daily basis, so this duo has become my one-stop antidote to keeping my roots smooth and sleek. It's rare to find a shampoo which does this, but the fig and plum inclusions are more than just added fragrance; they're active ingredients proven to smoothen, soften, and enrich the hair - and they do so instantly. The conditioner has the added benefit of also including marshmallow extract - which provides moisture and prevents breakage by enhancing the hair's elasticity. The shampoo lathers well but not excessively, and very little conditioner is required as it is incredibly thick; more like a hair mask than your average conditioner. Scent-wise, fig lovers will be relieved to know that the top note is fig in its purest form - warm, woody, and slightly masculine, not at all sweet or synthetic, and complemented by a delicate plum undertone.

With prolonged use this duo will address a whole lot of haircare sins - if you're a little too attached to your hairdryer and styling tools then this is the moisture boosting dream-team guaranteed to nourish your dry ends and calm frizz. In fact, this pair leaves my tresses so smooth, straight, and sleek that you'll likely find yourself reaching for the straighteners less and less often. Essentially, this is haircare rehab, for £11 - so what's not to love?

Have you tried any products from Tommy Guns haircare?


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