Whether you're joining the masses at Worthy Farm or headed somewhere a little more off the beaten track, festival season is well and truly upon us [for after all, rain and music are synonymous to a British summer]. Retaining beauty standards at a festival is nigh on impossible, no matter how virtuous your intentions, standards will slip with speed, so set aside your regular routine and prepare to be minimal. Essentially, preparation is key [shave, exfoliate, moisturise, tan, file your nails, tint your brows, and stock up on baby wipes!]. 

Festival street-style looks are set to form the bedrock of social media in the coming weeks, and with the genre's defining sartorial characteristics being less than uninspiring [nothing says lack of imagination more than a flower crown/denim cut-offs/Hunter wellies ensemble], beauty plays a bigger role than ever. For the last few years MAC have been on-hand offering free makeovers at Glastonbury, alongside cut and blow drys, manicures, and even facials [not to the conservative festival-goer's taste, but an interesting development to note nonetheless!].

Whether you're going all out [face paint, nail art, and hair-dye] or keeping it simple [tinted moisturiser and lip balm only], find inspiration in these ten products, set to simplify and speed up your festival-friendly beauty routine.

BUMBLE & BUMBLE Prêt-à-Powder*

Tackle tent-hair by dampening frizz, or keep your tresses in an up-do and hold off on the styling products in order to keep them cleaner for longer. Only when absolutely vital, reach for a dry shampoo. High-street options are unlikely to hold [I for one find that the effects of Batiste last no more than a few hours in my hair] but haircare heroes Bumble & bumble save the day once again with Prêt-à-Powder, which gives texture and body to flat hair as well as countering oily roots.


With a limited number of sinks in situ, keep a canister of purified water to hand for cleansing emergencies. Should the weather surprise then this will also serve as a refreshing face mist, and will help to set makeup in place. The zinc-heavy formula will also keep breakouts at bay and reduce redness to a minimum.

RMK Eyebrow Powder*

Portable beauty, personified; this adorably miniature tool deposits powder through a pointed sponge tip for precision application. The shade is a spot-on grey/brown, and for a powder, the formula is pleasantly long-lasting. Pair with a clear brow gel for best results.


AĒSOP Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash

There's nothing worse than getting your hands dirty and not being able to have a good soap + hot water scrub; the next best thing to which is Aēsop's luxuriously scented hand sanitiser. Portable enough to carry in your pocket, food/mud/dubious sticky substance related mishaps are countered with minimal hassle, and the formula is rich in moisturising essential oils in order to prevent dryness.

KIKO Long-Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in Rosy Brown*

Metallic eyes are a festival beauty staple, but should by no means require more than a moment's application and a single product. KIKO's eyeshadow sticks have a light, creamy, and creaseproof formula, which sticks around with an impressively opaque finish after just one coat. Rosy Brown is a universally flattering mauve, flecked through with shimmer that serves to brighten and enhance your natural eye colour. 

ILLAMASQUA Precision Ink in Abyss

The perfect bold cat-eye flick not only wakes up sleepy eyes, but demonstrates effort and standards [despite the fact that Illamasqua's exceptional offering is completely foolproof - even the novice will achieve a flawless pair of wings in a matter of moments]. The formula is completely opaque, waterproof, smudgeproof, and will last all through the night.

NARS Tinted Moisturiser*

Carefree makeup renders stealth a necessity, but the general aim of festival beauty is products that keep you looking fresh-faced and healthy for as long as possible. Tinted moisturiser is that most subtle of bases, and in this case Nars' offering provides both hydration and sun protection, in addition to some surprisingly good coverage.

BYS Glow In The Dark UV Nail Enamel

Slick this translucent glossy finish over your mani for nails that stun come sundown; this is festival fun, with finesse [avoid a white base - a slight green tinge shows up over anything too pale - and apply two or three coats for best results].

BIODERMA Sensibo H2O Micelle Solution

Festivals may be the only excuse for allowing your skincare routine to go heads-up for a few days, but don't stoop too low; wipes can be avoided [and bettered] with a bottle of this backstage favourite, which can be found in miniature. A few cotton pads soaked in this gentle solution will remove all traces of makeup and grime [including the above eyeliner] without simply sloughing your makeup around your face.

& OTHER STORIES Fig Fiction Body Mist

A fresh, lasting, and above all, potent scent is more than required to mask deeply ingrained body odours by day three [let's face it, there is nothing glamorous about festivals]. With its rich and heady scent, this spray is more than suited to the task, and nothing says summer more than a burst of ripe fruity fig.

What are your recommendations for a festival beauty kit?