As opposed to last Sunday, today is all about relaxation [think : bath salts and muscle soaks]. I'm still on a mental high after last week's 10k, which was a resounding success; I managed to make it round the course without pausing or walking once [a first for me!], beat my PB, and cross the finishing line hand-in-hand with my two best friends. I've already signed up for my next challenge, a 5k night-time run in Manchester. It's official, the running bug is quite infectious.

Back to today's agenda : it's the height of the British summer so I'll be spending the day soaking up the sun [with ample SPF protection and cocktails to hand] followed by a full-on Sunday spa session. My bath bomb stash is calling my name, so do not disturb between 8-10, please.

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Whether indulging yourself, filling the flat with fresh blooms before a party, or treating a friend, there is no doubt that the scent and sight of a vase of flowers has the effect of instilling a luxe and tranquil ambience upon any room. Fresh picked flowers are hard to beat, but the next best thing is a hand-delivered and ready-to-bloom bouquet. Appleyard Flowers offers cutting edge floral design - producing handmade bouquets using high-quality, British sourced seasonal flowers, and prides itself upon offering a commendable attention to detail and a luxury experience. I was recently sent the beautiful Pomegranate Rose & Peony bouquet*, a delightful and opulently scented combination of roses, peonies, lavender, and alstroemeria. Given that the flowers arrived on the peak of blooming, they are set to more than outstay their welcome [Appleyard promises a lifespan of min. 7 days] and are a welcome sight [and scent] on my dressing table.

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I first fell in love with Grace Coddington's inspiring fashion spreads way back when I used to save up my [hard-earned] pocket money to purchase the international issues of Vogue as a teen. Visually inspiring, original and alive with imagination, Coddington's always anecdotal spreads are instantly recognisable at first glance, and never fail to ooze character, narrative, and a sense of the fairytale. Via the pages of Wikipedia I learnt that the now Creative Director of American Vogue grew up on the island of Anglesey, a Welsh landmark not far from my own home, which I visited often growing up. This book was an instant purchase [I was in New York when it launched, so lugged it home with me - I actually ended up reading the entire thing on the plane!] and a fascinating read; something of a fairytale in itself.

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Okay bit of a theme going on here with my foodie recommendations, but I will readily confess to a long-standing addiction to Mexican food; there's something about those fresh, vibrant flavours that never fails to tempt me when the opportunity is available. A recent trip to London [and a certain 10k run that left me feeling famished] resulted in a slightly painful tube journey [there's nothing like 'standing room only' to remind you just how much every single muscle in your body aches] over to Islington, where I [alongside my two burrito-loving besties] gorged ourselves on supersize chicken burritos. Wahaca is a London favourite, soon to be opening its doors in Manchester so I was intrigued as to how the brand would compare to its [already well established] Northern counterparts. Suffice to say it was a good burrito; satisfyingly filling, and reasonably priced [at £6] but it definitely lacked the flavour of its Mancunion alternatives and was a little too rice heavy for me. I was really impressed by Wahaca's menu selection though, so will definitely be sampling the street food/small plates come autumn.

How do you think Wahaca compares?

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