Summer makeup tends to lend towards a bronzed complexion and glossy lips, but runway beauty this season threw a few surprises into the mix in the form of soft red lips, strokes of vivid eye colour, and an understated complexion. This summer, beauty is all about embracing the natural version of yourself, with a little bit of 'better'. Ombre lips do the talking [see below], so keep the base simple - bright eyes, sleek hair, and groomed brows add polish.

The season's catchphrase? Minimum products, maximum impact.


INSPIRATION : Sweltering nights call for a relaxed approach to base makeup. Less is more, but going makeup free isn't for everyone [including catwalk models], this look is all about enhancing your natural beauty. Minimal coverage and clever concealer [over a base of sunscreen, always] are the answer to SS15's refreshing [in more ways than one] take on a natural complexion. A durable concealer and tinted moisturiser will last the day, as well as cutting down application time, and streamlining your seasonal selection. Retain the authenticity of a fresh glow by dusting highlighter and/or bronzer all over [using a fat power brush]; iridescent formulas serve best to prevent laying an ashen cast over your natural tan.


INSPIRATION : Take an imperfect approach to lips with the season's boldest look; a wearable take on the bright, bold summer lip - softly smudged and diffused lip colour makes for almost effortless application and fuss-free wear. Take inspiration from the perfect pouts of the Burberry and Dolce & Gabbana runways, where lipstick was blotted on for a soft-focus 'just been kissed' effect. Opt for warm, deep pinks and muted scarlet hues with a matte or satin finish, which will boost longevity [making the look more than appropriate for wear beneath a blazing sun]. For an even more low-key approach, adopt the ombré lip trend and sport a gradient by blotting colour into the centre of the lips with your fingertips then pursing your lips together to gently spread the pigment outwards for a stained effect. Switch it up and sizzle after dark with a glossy nude lip - nothing off-sets sun-kissed skin so well.


INSPIRATION : Braids are back in business, and with a textured, romantic twist; easily achieved by sleeping in your plait and forgoing frequent washing in favour of liberal application of a volumising, texturising dry shampoo. Style the trend in miniature by dressing loose locks with the occasional delicate braid whilst dashing between work and drinks. See also, the slicked back pony-tail [worn with a deep side part], a virtuous take on the 'pool-side to pool-party' look, which, given your location, could be rendered entirely effortless. Whether wet or dry, the 'nape of the neck pony' is in; and from beach laze to after-dark cocktails, will propel you from day to night with ease.


INSPIRATION :  Keep contouring in it's traditional sense to a minimum, utilise bronzer for an all-over glow and use a dedicated contour product for all sculpting purposes. Above all, maintain discretion - subtlety is key. A sheer multipurpose balm blended over the cheekbones serves to emphasise bone structure whilst simultaneously delivering on the 'freshly moisturised' front. Add colour with natural, rosy hues of liquid blush for a sheer, dewy finish [wear high for a naturally flushed effect] or barely-there dabs of a muted-pastel cream formula. Come sunset, refresh a sun-kissed bare face for evening with a wash of golden highlighter and pair with coral blush for a punch of colour.


INSPIRATION : Streamlined and graphic, bold liner doesn't just exaggerate, it hypnotises. Upgrade with a exaggerated flick [think : the anti cat-eye] or burst of neon pigment to inject fun and creativity into an otherwise minimal and low-maintenance look. Those who prefer to experiment with statement eyes in a more casual manner should embrace the trend for bright eyeshadow [go metallic if a bold blue [as seen at Matthew Williamson] isn't your thing, and take molten eyeshadow into summer. True gold will do nicely - and never fails to attract attention. If eye-catching hues really aren't an option, smokey brown and muted lilac were spotted across the board at fashion week, and will suit every eye colour. Lashes are understated as a finishing touch, or thick and clumpy when worn solo, and brows are thick and well-groomed, but not as bold as previous seasons have commanded.


INSPIRATION : Give your nails the natural touch, and stay clean and crisp; the focus this season is on the shape - with a little bit of flair. Short, squared nails with a subtley rounded tip point to long, narrow fingers, adorned with barely-there creamy nudes and toned-down pastel shades; blush pink is a failsafe [a classic accompaniment to the season's feminine romantic looks]. Add something extra for an evening or holiday look in the form of an elegant metallic, but keep in mind that the season's affable nail trend is a stripped back approach in anticipation of autumn's moody hues; creativity extends only so far as half-moon manis, cut-out shapes, and subtle crystal embellishments.