This week I've finally got caught up [and dare I say it, even ahead!] with work, I've soaked up the sun with the latest issues of my favourite glossies, I've set the ball rolling on some exciting new projects, I've replied to all of my emails [hallelujah], watched far too many episodes of The Good Wife [I'm addicted], and I've been racking up the miles in preparation for next week's 10k [eek].

You may have noticed that TGG has had yet another little revamp - nothing so serious as moving platforms this time but a new logo and colour scheme for the site are now in situ. I adore Squarespace, but it's such a fun platform to use that makes it far too darned easy to get creative and fiddle around with design settings and custom code. I hope you all like the new look, I've had the mascara x pen logo in mind for years so spent a long afternoon this week finally making it a reality [all hail PhotoShop]. Anyway, in celebration of the divine weather we've been having, there's a summer edition of Grace's Face coming your way this week [sneak preview here] amongst a couple of other seasonally appropriate articles. Enjoy!

eat : foundation

The latest coffee house to open its doors in Manchester's Northern Quarter is an interiors enthusiast's dream. A bright, clean, airy space filled with sunlight, Scandi-inspired decor, niche magazines, and the ever pleasant aroma of freshly ground coffee. Foundation has something of a workspace vibe to it; it's the kind of place where you can easily while away a day of work without feeling like you're intruding or hogging your seat [it's definitely one of the biggest of its kind in the city so there are always seats available]. Every aspect of the space and brand is exquisite, and it's clear that a lot of work has gone into perfecting even the smallest details [i.e. a bathroom stocked with Aēsop!]. Without a doubt my new favourite coffee shop, you'll likely find me in here writing frantically, sampling the delicious pastries, or chatting ten to the dozen with Jen.

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Our Love - Caribou 

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blogosphere magazine

A magazine devoted to blogging, but that covers a vast range of topics, from beauty and style to food, photography, travel and lifestyle; Blogosphere Magazine is a publication to pick up if you really want to sink your teeth into some good solid content. With its careful layout, beautiful illustrations, and satisfyingly sizeable articles, this is the kind of magazine you can set down after reading feeling that you have truly gained something. Whether you're a blogger/blog-reader or not, there's something for everyone within theses pages [and minimal advertising - hooray!]. If you enjoy reading the likes of Kinfolk and Oh Comely, then here's another indie publication which won't look amiss in your coffee table stack. 

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1Q84 - Haruki Murakami

After devouring, enjoying, and recommending Norwegian Wood to everyone I know, I turned my attention to Murakami's latest, the highly-acclaimed 1Q84. Loosely modelled on Orwell's 1984, this 1328-page tome is a fascinating testament to the power of the imagination. An intellectual and ambitious work, and a compulsive read that despite its size, will maintain page-turner status until the very end. 1Q84 spins the tales of Tengo and Aomame through dual narratives of the course of a year. The novel's ongoing mystery sees their fates increasingly intertwined in a story of revenge, religion, self-discovery, and parallel worlds.

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