As citizens of the 21st century, we have a somewhat tumultuous relationship with the concept of detox [thanks in part to the current [and in my opinion nonsensical] trend for detox teas]. The oft-construed term is open to interpretation [and misinterpretation], so read into it what you will. Whether you opt for a three-day juice cleanse or a week of sweat-drenched cardio, flushing out the toxins is a tried and tested way to press a mental and physical reset button on your health. 

For me, and as far as skincare terminology goes, a realistic detox strategy should seek to perform a powerful cleanse, removing deep-rooted build up, flushing out the nasties, and restoring a neglected complexion to its former glory. More than just 'another product in the stash' to reach for at that time of the month, the essential detox product should form the foundation of your skincare routine for as long as is required; this is long-term skincare with long-term goals.

So if you ever thought that detox products never live up to their claims, take a look over here; for these pore-clearing, purifying products are all that's needed to treat and prep skin [think : as good as new].

Detox isn't just for champagne season.

EVE LOM Rescue Mask*

Re-energise sluggish skin with a boost c/o Eve Lom's award-winning formula, which contains generous doses of honey and kaolin clay [skincare's answer to a superfood juice cleanse]. Packed with exfoliating ground almonds, it leaves skin smooth, supple, and radiant, whilst simultaneously detoxifying and decongesting. If you're prone to congestion and/or hormonal breakouts, expect this to draw out deep-rooted buildup as well as those peskily lingering under-the-skin blemishes. This mask is both fast and efficient - ideal for prepping skin ahead of a big event; use it on a daily basis for a week straight and expect skin to literally feel detoxed. Offering no excuse for lacklustre skin - thanks to Eve Lom, radiant skin can be yours once again.


CODAGE Spring Break Detox & Skin Awakening Serum*

Codage's expertise lies in creating bespoke serums, and their bestselling range of eleven formulas [which cater for specific skincare concerns] reflects the frequent demands and common ailments of their clientele. Serious and high-performing skincare; the focus is upon quality - with a little bit of flair. Part of the brand's latest range of serums designed to cater for the lifestyle-related skincare concerns, Spring Break presents a cocktail of some of these bestselling formulas; a blend of high-performance and active ingredients designed to penetrate deep into the skin and deliver potent benefits. Offering deep hydration, protection against free radicals and pollutants, skin repair, and intense detox in order to eliminate damaged proteins and toxins, Spring Break gives tired and lacklustre skin a new lease of life. Sound to good to be true? I thought so too, but this serum has wowed me beyond any I've ever used; it's a kickstart on skin's reparative process and my blemish-marked skin has never looked better. 

LA ROCHE-POSAY Effaclar Duo+

I long since lost count of the amount of these tubes I've powered through over the years; Effaclar Duo was one of the first "serious" skincare products I ever purchased and has held a special place in my heart [and bathroom cabinet] ever since. Designed to unclog pores and prevent blemishes this serum does exactly what it says on the tube, and peps up an uneven skintone - fast. It does require an element of "purging" with first use; expect to breakout big-time for a few weeks [as your skin removes all of the deep-rooted nasties].

REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask

Meet the skincare resolution guaranteed to give your complexion the fresh start it needs. This mask will rise to any occasion; reducing pore size and blackheads, drawing out impurities, and restoring hydration, all whilst performing a deep cleanse which will leave your skin looking noticeably clearer post-use. Packed with French Clay, to draw out impurities and excess sebum, and a blend of proteins and fatty acids, which encourage cell renewal and brighten imperfections, this mask will set your detox campaign off to a flying start [it's all in the name!]. Purifying, yet gentle, a congested complexion is rendered a thing of the past when this features in your skincare artillery. I find it performs best when used regularly and applied generously [seriously, if you do want to see pore appearance minimised, layer it on thick].

AĒSOP Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque*

A deep cleaning mask that leaves the skin feeling calmed and soothed, as opposed to tight and dry, was always going to be a winner. Pair that with an all-natural formula [a lineup that includes evening primrose, lemon, rosemary, tea tree, and sage] and serious skill when it comes to drawing impurities out of a clogged-up complexion, and you've hit [skincare] gold. Taking cue from nature itself, this mask removes impurities and excess oil with a complex blend of purifying botanical extracts, whilst simultaneously restoring moisture to the complexion and pacifying troubled skin. Loaded with high concentration ingredients, expect it to leave your complexion feeling fresher and clearer after just fifteen minutes use. You can always count on Aēsop.


SISLEY Botanical D-Tox Night Treatment*

Restore your skin to its former glory overnight - for what better time to tackle the BIG issues? Designed to be used over a course of a month in order to provide lasting and effective treatment, this serum is light enough to layer beneath your night cream [and can even be used alongside your regular serums if desired]. Cotton-soft and lightly fragranced, it boasts a delicate consistency that absorbs quickly and leaves the skin with a smooth, matte texture. The ingredients list itself is anything but prosaic - and notably features rice extract [which eliminates damaged proteins from cells], sage [for natural purification], and einkorn extact [a powerful antioxidant] alongside a complex blend of essential oils, which tone, soothe, and balance a stressed complexion. In my experience, it's best used on skin in the 'recovery' period, post-breakout - it's no blemish buster but will restore calm, brightness and balance to marked and stressed skin. I can't recommend this enough if you really are serious about getting your skin back on track.


N.B. + If you do wish to adopt the inside-out approach to detox [and complement your skincare resolutions], may I suggest green tea, daily facial massage, once-weekly body brushing, and regular oil-pulling.


What are your favourite detoxifying skincare products?



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