Hooray for summer holidays!

I'm [quite literally] jetting off into the sunset on Thursday : Three fun-filled weeks of glorious rays await, and I am more than ready to soak up the sun, explore new places, and gorge on iced goods and the delights of foreign supermarkets [and pharmacies, bien sûr!].

GRACE NOTES will be on hold whilst I'm away, and do also forgive a lack of replies to comments/tweets [I'm anticipating limited/non-existant internet access]. You can however expect four beauty posts landing per week - I've spent the last month powering through my to-do list and scheduling ahead, so anticipate a good array of seasonally appropriate content!

Plans are prepped, I'm prepped.

Let's go!

P.S. I've finally 'got' Snapchat, and have decided to utilise it for [mainly] beauty related purposes [can't promise there won't be some foodie snaps involved], so if you fancy TGG updates in real time, follow @that-gracegirl.


sos kits : travel bag

There may be something very traditional about the art of sensible packing - but the SewLomax SOS Travel Kit* is your carry-on bag given a modern remix. A simple idea, sure, but reinvented for 2015 with every possible holiday emergency covered. There’s almost nothing you'll need to supplement. The kit contains miniature-sized [and therefore Customs friendly!] essentials, from toothpaste, to a phone charger, sewing kit, and hairbrush. Unsurprisingly, this practical, portable efficiency is the brainchild of a woman, designer Emma Lomax. Each bag is hand-embroidered in India and adheres to the brand's high-quality and ethical standards of production.

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Tune in to my July playlist [the soundtrack to summer].


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eat : filter & fox


Tucked away behind the vast expanse of concrete that is Liverpool One, find Filter & Fox; a miniature oasis of bohemia, with Mediterranean vibes, a decadent menu, and a warm, friendly ambience. Despite its size, the cafe/bar offers a variety of sweet and savoury foods alongside hot drinks, wine, and cocktails. See above the chilli hot chocolate, a surprisingly delicious beverage that was a welcome treat on an afternoon when the wind was blowing rather sharply off the Mersey.

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Go Set A Watchman - Harper Lee

Tuesday saw the highly-anticipate launch of Harper Lee's second novel, Go Set A Watchman. Having been unable to avoid the spoilers/plot outlines circulating the web in the days prior to its release I was uncertain as to just how much I would enjoy the follow up to To Kill A Mockingbird, which sees protagonist Jean Louise/Scout return to visit her hometown from New York, 20 years later. However my enjoyment was sealed from the first line and remained unwavering. Aside from the well-balanced/constructed plot development, the prose was exquisite [not so much in a refined sense, for the book is completely unedited] - but some sentences were just so imaginatively written and poignant that I couldn't help but reread them. Aside from recommending this to any fans of To Kill A Mockingbird, I would say that even without having read the former, you could easily enjoy this - it's also a particularly pertinent and relatable read for 20-somethings returning from big city to small town.

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in flight

Here, have a [virtual] rummage through my carry-on.


DEEP HEAT : All of the summer holiday inspiration you need...

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