Aēsop are a brand most known for their luxe and efficient contributions to the skincare world, however those in the know will be well aware that that brand's roots lie in a Melbourne hair salon; founder Dennis Paphitis initially developed a small line of hair products in 1987, before expanding into first hand products, then skincare and body care. Whilst today the haircare collection [rereleased in 2012] takes a backseat [with just 14 items to skincare's 43] it is by no means unexceptional and offers everything required for both maintenance and styling. 

Even though this may appear to be a brand for lovers of luxe beauty/aesthetically pleasing packaging, those who look for efficiency in haircare will still find it, in abundance. A certain committed purity runs through the line: high-quality ingredients, experimental development, cutting-edge technology, and an ear to customer needs; unsurprisingly, this attentive dedication has results...


AĒSOP Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner

With naturally thick, heavy hair I always reach for volumising duos, yet very few actually live up to their claims [or at least only provide max. 12 hours of volume]. Combining fennel, peppermint, rosemary, and sea salt, this pair provide high impact oomph and body to fine and limp hair, [aided by the inclusion of Polyquaternium, a formula that lifts and separates individual hair shafts]. Post-use my locks remain buoyant through the lengths and boosted at the roots for a good four days [no additional volumising products or blowdrying required - hallelujah]. Both shampoo and conditioner infuse locks with a lasting and vibrant minty scent as well as an incredible softness and lustre, thanks to a potent cocktail of botanical oils. Note also the inclusion of sea salt, a welcome addition as it provides a textured finish, which renders styling products unnecessary [but is amplified even further when paired with a separate salt spray], and expect that feeling you get post-salon, when your hair just bounces.

AĒSOP Shine*

Silicone-free goodness arrives in the form of a softening blend of emollient oils - jojoba, grapeseed, avocado, sweet almond, bergamot - which smoothes dry ends, flyaways, and baby hairs, with [by some miracle] no build-up or greasy residue. Work through wet or dry hair and expect locks to feel smoothed, nourished, and scented with a ripe, green blend of petitgrain and jasmine. Coarse and frizzy hair will benefit especially from regular use.

AĒSOP Violet Leaf Hair Balm*

A multi-purpose hair balm presents a multitude of virtues, especially when it leaves hair gleaming and smelling like fresh cut flowers. The texture feels more like a body lotion than a hair product: it's silky and heavy and a little goes a long way. Application through the lengths provides a soft textured volume and instantly soothes and softens dry and damaged ends. Light, non-greasy, and silicone-free, this is the kind of styling product that you could easily forget you applied, and the build-up free formula won't impact upon your washing schedule.


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