Effortless styling creams and multi-purpose texturising sprays are a godsend in the warmer months, and prove that efficient hair products needn't be bland. This season’s hair - loose, gutsy, textured like you spent the morning running on the beach - can be delightfully fun and will instantly transport you into holiday mode.

BYREDO Bal d'Afrique Hair Perfume*

As much as the combined aroma of the ocean, suncream, and campfires constitutes the scent of summer in the eyes of many [myself included], summer 2015 calls for a new take on summer hair fragrance, and this time, it's bottled. A dedicated hair perfume may seem like the ultimate extravagance, but Byredo's goes beyond simply offering olfactory pleasures [which it presents in the most luxe way possible] - it contains a nourishing formula of silicones and polymers that envelopes hair in a veil of luminous shine and softness.

BUMBLE & BUMBLE Surf Infusion Oil*

A smoothing take on the cult Surf Spray, promising the same tousled salty waves with the added bonus of a moisturising tropical oil blend [inc. coconut, mango, and passion fruit] and UV filters. I struggle to no end trying to get a wave into my poker straight hair, so it's rare that I can accomplish something resembling a curl without heating up my curling tongs. Rare, but not unheard of; the original Surf Spray performs, but it's the coarse, tacky feeling left behind that prevents it from being a daily product for me [which my purse is grateful for nonetheless]. I was delighted to find that Surf Spray mark two performs just as well. The result is gentle waves - piecey, floaty, and most certainly not frizzy. 

OJON Revitalising Mist Original*

Marketed as a 'liquid hairdresser', employ this fine mist to refresh and reactivate a hairstyle rendered limp or frizzy by the heat in order to seamlessly transition from poolside to pool-party. It's lightweight, and will not only calm frizz and restore life and bounce to your locks, but will douse them in a nourishing blend of blue agave, lemongrass, ginseng, and Ojon's patented pure oil. The formula is wonderfully light [even on fine hair], leaving neither tackiness, build-up, nor stiffness. Doubling up as a leave-in conditioner, you can also spritz this through damp hair post-wash to keep tangles and flyaways at bay.

JOHN FRIEDA Beach Blonde Sea Waves Salt Spray

Heading to the beach and climbing atop a surfboard is great fun and all, but it's a longwinded and expensive way to get the ever-covetable surf queen locks we seek come summer. While a spray bottle may lack both thrill and authenticity, it does allow you to construct Gisele-inspired tresses from the comfort of your own bathroom. The high street's take on the above mentioned cult Surf Spray, is just £7; a price tag that allows for liberal application. This doesn't replicate the true curl that Bumble's formula provides, but the result is less crunchy and constitutes a decidedly authentic and windswept 'just crawled out of the sea' texture. Plus, it smells like coconut. 

BUMBLE & BUMBLE Brilliantine*

The first time that I sat down to write this paragraph I ended up writing an essay that rendered this product worthy of its own post entirely [see here]. It's incredibly hard to be concise about a product as exceptional as this one is, but if effortlessly undone hair with a relaxed shape and textured finish are on your agenda then this is the product for you. It meets the requirements of this edit for its ease of use; the finished result leaves you looking like you just stepped out of the salon post-blowdry [meaning that you no longer have to lug an army of heat tool and styling products on all of your overseas adventures], and it takes all of two minutes to apply. Simply run a small amount through hair [wet or dry, but damp is best] and leave to air-dry loose, twisted, or tied up.

RAHUA Voluminous Spray*

As a girl who suffers the dilemma of having both fine and thick hair [the individual hairs are incredibly fine, but there's a lot of them so the weight keeps the roots flat] I've tried more than my fair share of volumising sprays, and have rarely conceded to repurchase. Here is a product that I highly doubt will ever be bettered by my standards. Expect instant and long lasting lift at the roots, soft full-bodied lengths, and not a glimpse of frizz in sight. What's more is that no matter how liberal your application, hair won't feel sticky or tacky, or suffer any build-up or residue. 100% TGG approved.

OJON Rare Blend Tamer Wand*

Soothe flyaways and frizz without impacting on volume with this concentrated weightless take on Ojon's famously nourishing Rare Blend Oil. The invisible formula won't leave roots looking greasy or feeling stiff, nor will it deplete previously incited volume. Instead, with just a few flicks expect even the most stubborn frizz to be soothed and calmed instantly. The packaging itself is summer perfect, toss the mascara sized wand into handbag or beach bag for fuss-free on-the-go touch-ups.

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What are your summer hair essentials?