My local Clarins Skin Spa, which can be found on the lower ground floor of Selfridges' Manchester Exchange Square location. The Skin Spa is a hidden oasis of serenity tucked away behind the Clarins counter, with several doors standing between it and the bustling shop floor. Decor is simple, modern, and clean; low-lighting and fragrant aromas create an ambience that renders the space less like an extension of the brand's retail arena and more like a personal luxury beauty haven [quite fittingly, the Clarins Skin Spa can be found in five-star hotels worldwide].



Clarins, a beauty brand esteemed for its extensive heritage [it was founded in 1954] and results-driven, science-based products. Serious beauty in its most authentic form, Clarins takes inspiration from expertise, offering natural products formulated with the latest innovations in beauty technology.

Renowned for the vast and unique variety of experiences on offer, Clarins' Skin Spa treatments are a combination of luxury, beauty, science, and pleasure - designed to stimulate the senses and achieve a sense of total wellbeing and escape for both mind and body. Beyond the holistic, the aim is results that are both immediate and lasting, achieved through high-performance treatment, top-quality products, and customised service tailored to suit the individual customer. The treatments themselves are performed with Clarins' exclusive range of professional and high-intensity treatment products, ClarinsPRO [not available for purchase]; supplemented with select items from the brand's regular skincare line.

The brand prides itself on employing only the best beauty therapists. Experts in their field, the therapists are trained extensively in Clarins' exclusive massage techniques in order to deliver the very best facial and body treatments.


The Body Lift Sculptor, one of the brand's three Tri-Active Body Treatments [each a highly-personalised and results-driven 90 minute treatment]. An intensive body contouring treatment, the Body Lift Sculptor is designed to prep and prime from head to toe via over an hour of exfoliation and massage, followed by application of a shaping body mask. Like all Clarins Skin Spa treatments, it's designed around a unique massage technique, the Clarins Touch. Developed by the brand's founder in 1954, the massage utilises over 80 intricate rhythmic strokes in order to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The method is tweaked to suit each individual treatment and the products used, in order to respond to the body's specific needs. In the case of the Body Lift Sculptor, the high intensity massage and [potent product formulas] have deep reaching and long-lasting results when it comes to toning, lifting, and exfoliating; rendering it an extremely beneficial treatment for those with cellulite, water retention, or excess weight. Described by the brand as a shortcut to a body that is 'svelte, toned, and silky-smooth', the Body Lift Sculptor is a pamper treatment, with benefits.

The treatment begins with a moment of relaxation and deep breathing, before full body exfoliation. This is followed by the application of oils and an extensive massage from the neck downwards; performed in powerful sweeping movements directed towards the heart, which aim to drain the lymph nodes and improve circulation, this is not the kind of massage you could dose off to. A mask is then applied to target a specific area of the body [thighs, arms, or belly - your choice], and is left to work its magic beneath a layer of film whilst an [optional] scalp, hand, and foot massage is performed. The mask is removed with hot exfoliating mitts, and the experience concludes with a brief but intensive back and shoulder massage and liberal application of Eau Dymanisante [see below] for a refreshing and exquisitely fragranced finale.



Contour Body Treatment Oil : An award-winning concoction of essential oils, which serve to hydrate, contour, and detoxify, all in one single application. Best applied in a light massage post-bath/shower.
Relax Body Treatment Oil : A 100% pure blend of geranium, petitgrain, chamomile, hazelnut, and basil oils; designed to hydrate the skin, soothe muscles, and relieve stress via acute aromatherapy. Ideal for alleviating post-exercise aches.
Bust Beauty Firming Lotion : An overnight treatment that serves as an invisible and natural bra; toning, firming, and tightening the décolletage area with its rich but fast-absorbing formula.
Body Lift Cellulite Control : Whilst banishing existing cellulite takes time, this product is designed to combat it in the early stages of its development via a patented blend of potent active ingredients.
Redefining Body Care : Created to specifically target loose skin around the waist and hips, the light gel-like formula works best when massaged thoroughly in. Crowberry extract helps to tighten and firm.
Body Shaping Cream : With a velveteen texture designed to complement massage, this rich cream plumps the skin with a hefty dose of moisture and firming plant extracts. 
Eau DymanisanteThis dual purpose eau de toilette combines treatment and hydration with a refreshing citrus fragrance for doubly effective aromatherapy.


A warm welcome, relaxed atmosphere, attentive service, and expert advice were boxes ticked within moments of my arrival at the Skin Spa. My therapist was friendly, chatty, and immediately made me feel at ease [the treatment does require wearing nothing but a pair of less than flattering paper briefs], talking me through the treatment and displaying an extensive knowledge and evident passion for both the brand and the art of beauty therapy.

As someone who doesn't have concerns regarding excess weight or cellulite, this was personally more of a one-off treatment geared towards prepping my body for summer, both inside and out. My back in particular, being an area not easily accessed, felt all the better for having undergone both exfoliation and massage. If you're jetting off into the sun anytime soon, or simply want to feel a little more confident donning  backless gowns and baring your legs then this treatment is an A+ way to feel summer ready. However, those who seek treatment bearing long-term goals [toning excess flesh and reducing cellulite] will have to commit; a series of sessions [as well a tailored at-home care plan featuring Clarins products] are recommended for noticeable results. And noticeable they are; the treatment is one of the brand's most popular, and is regularly recommended to those who have recently undergone weight-loss as a means to tighten and restore elasticity to the skin.

This is one of Clarins' most extensively results-driven treatments, and with its predominant focus and aims concentrating upon the body's physicality, it's a treatment to opt for if practicality outweighs indulgence. Granted, you will leave with a sense of having been recharged, [and after spending an hour and a half being pampered in aromatic oils to the sound of ethereal pipe music, a relaxed sense of tranquility is a given] but the joy of smooth, supple limbs and a fine-tuned body will inspire the spring in your step as you head back into the city.

To experience a Clarins treatment yourself, find your nearest Clarins Skin Spa location.

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*Complimentary experience kindly provided by Clarins.