From brightening radiance boosters through to fierce deep cleansers and the cool gel textures of moisture masks, the latest launches are proof that masking is not only back in favour, but has become increasingly specified. One-size fits all masks are a thing of the past as a penchant for the topical provides treatment skincare with a radical reboot. Whether you opt for the conventional one-wash wonder or adopt the season's trending beauty ritual [#multimasking] it's time to get creative. This trend is all about using multiple masks to deal with your skin's many and varied needs, meaning that instead of overloading your entire face with unnecessary products, each area can be given a specific treatment.

When you think about it, it makes no sense at all to apply a deep-cleansing clay mask to cheeks prone to dryness, or a known blemish battler to spot-free areas. It's time to fine tune your skincare, for a combination complexion is best treated with an equally assorted selection of treatments: exfoliating, hydrating, pore-refining, retexturising, you name it. I'm by no means advocating going out and buying five different masks at once, but if you already have a sizeable collection [guilty as charged], explore your options and go ahead and customise. For those of a curious/creative nature, the results are your very own masterpiece.

My T-zone was breakout central during my teens but these days blemishes are few and far between, oil levels are balanced, and dry skin is a rarity; the only issues discernible on my forehead and nose are an occasionally dull/lacklustre complexion, and some pesky exposed pores. The ORIGINS Original Skin Mask* is a relatively recent addition to my collection [expect a more detailed review very soon] but an already beloved one as it's the only mask I've ever used that truly lives up to the ever questionable 'removes pores' claim. Part of a new generation of radiance boosting masks, it leaves my skin looking instantly fresher and brighter, providing a wholesome glow thanks to a blend of brightening and hydrating ingredients [inc. willow herb, rose clay, and jojoba beads]. Exposed pores literally vanish.


My cheeks and temples sport remnants of a recent hormonal acne breakout and are peppered with tiny pink blemish marks. Thankfully, unlike scars, marks do disappear with time, but the process can be given a helping hand with regular chemical exfoliation. On these areas I apply the BANISH Pumpkin Enzyme Masque*. It's packed with AHAs [natural exfoliants which buff away the top layers of skin and lighten pigmentation] as well as Vitamins C and A [to boost collagen production and prevent blemishes] and zinc, which calms inflammation and prevents marks from scarring. This is a seriously strong mask, and can leave skin a little dry if overused, so I do prefer to use it only on areas in need of treatment. It's one of the most effective I've used however, and made a visible difference to my skin in a matter of weeks.

My jawline and chin are still prone to the occasional hormonal breakout [inc. those irritating under-the-skin bumps], an issue that I find best solved with liberal and regular application of the EVE LOM Rescue Mask*. I used this on an almost daily basis when my skin was at its most blemished and I without a doubt credit it with clearing away even the most angry, sore, and inflamed blemishes. Despite regular use [and a clay based formula] it doesn't dry my skin out in the slightest, but instead provides instant cooling relief and is still the first thing I reach for when I feel a breakout coming on. The formula contains camphor to decongest, ground almonds for exfoliation, and honey to smoothen and moisturise skin. Expect a noticeably more even skintone, reduced puffiness and inflammation, and for blemishes to look and feel calmed instantaneously.

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Eyes are an area oft neglected in the world of masking, and whilst dedicated eye masks do exist, I prefer instead to reach for the EVE LOM Moisture Mask*. With a weightless gel texture and cooling sensation upon application, it's the perfect soothing and refreshing treatment for tired puffy eyes. The ingredients list contains Vitamin E and Sodium Hyaluronate [for long-lasting hydration and protection from environmental damage] as well as two of Eve Lom's unique moisture complexes, designed to restore, increase, and maintain moisture levels -making it ideal for use on dry and sensitive skin. Whilst I wouldn't describe my eye area as particularly dry, I do prefer to treat it as such, and find my dark circles always look less noticeable after I've taken the time to massage this in.

Do you multi-mask? And if so, what's your line-up?