I'll warrant that little introduction is needed as concerns the much coveted Glossier beauty line; the brainchild of Into the Gloss' Emily Weiss, Glossier is a beauty brand with a difference. The aim of the game is fun-to-use beauty products with a wearability that translates into real life, 'skincare as makeup', products that help you to be be the best version of yourself, and not the photoshopped one.

Glossier's line of products is more than on board with 2015's understated beauty statement, the brand's ethos is less about what you're wearing, and more about how you're wearing it - offering an impulsive and creative approach to makeup, without the constraints of a conventional beauty diktat. The Glossier girl isn't looking for 'perfect', she looks real and alive, and these products are that rarity in the beauty world - products that allow for an acceptance and indeed a celebration of the imperfections of humanity. 

Soothing Face Mist

Rather than being yet another additional step in your skincare regime, a good face mist offers a freedom and versatility of use which transcends the boundaries of a routine-like approach to beauty - use to tone post-cleanse, refresh on a hot day, moisturise a dry complexion, hydrate before applying night cream, and to set or revive makeup. Glossier's offering contains soothing rosewater, hydrating aloe, and glycerin, which aids moisture retention. The lightweight plastic bottle renders this a handbag essential for me [although in recent weeks I've been storing it in the fridge for the ultimate summer refreshment] and my easily dehydrated skin has benefitted from the frequent additional hydration. I wouldn't necessarily label this as better than any of the many other face mists I've tried, but it's certainly a pleasure to use.

Priming Moisturiser

For me, the star of the collection, for after all, isn't a virtuous makeup primer the thing of dreams? I've tried many a 'priming moisturiser' but few live up to the ideals of both primer and moisturiser. Here however, is a product that perfectly encompasses the hydrating powers of a day cream with the skin smoothening, canvas-building properties of the best makeup bases - it is neither one nor the other and yet is inherently all of each at once. Devoid of that greasy silicone texture common to most makeup primers, I don't have a single qualm with wearing this alone, as a moisturiser. The formula is packed with skincare goodness [hyaluronic acid, mushroom extract, vitamins A, C, and E, green tea, and honey], and aside from an instantaneously skin-plumping boost of hydration, you'll notice that with application, redness is reduced and inflammation calmed. When used regularly, it will also serve to improve skin's texture and prevent cell damage thanks to a blend of antioxidants and a powerful oxygenating agent; if you're loathe to pile on layer after layer of makeup product, and seek an increasingly virtuous makeup regime, here is the base for you.


Balm Dotcom

Its unassuming appearance and texture do little to present this as anything but yet another basic lip balm, and yet a single glance at its ingredients line-up [and a little imagination] push the contents of this adorably miniature tube into the realm of skincare's greats. Its emollient base [castor seed, beeswax, and lanolin] afford it a deliciously thick, soft, and waxy texture, which stays in place, but [with a little heat and rubbing action] blends to a silky salve. Additional ingredients include Capuacu fruit extract [an organic moisturiser rich in fatty acids] and rice bran, sunflower seed, and rosemary leaf [all powerful natural antioxidants]. Use to soothe chapped lips, shape and moisturise tinted eyebrows, calm inflamed blemishes, hydrate rough areas of skin, and soften nails before a mani. For a subtle but defined finish, think outside the box and blend this over the cheekbones and  eyelids [for summer's much coveted glossy look] or mix with a liquid blush or pigment eyeshadow for colour with sheen. Naturally, this performs exceptionally as a lip balm, offering silkily textured hydration and truly glossy lips.

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Perfecting Skin Tint in Light

Current beauty trends hail the 'naked face', an 'is she, isn't she?' fresh-faced, stripped back, and bare base, which has rendered the latest launches a far-cry from the layer-it-on-thick foundations of yesteryear. Indeed many brands appear loathe to even associate their light coverage, virtuously formulated products with the word 'foundation' [Glossier are a case in point - the website's product description is at pains to point out that this is most definitely not a foundation]. Nowhere are the Glossier ideals more embodied than in this product, a low-coverage skin tint, which offers the skincare benefits of a moisturiser paired with the subtly brightening/blurring properties of diamond powder. This performs as both a 'slap it on all over' base, and as a tint to be dabbed sparingly over areas in need. It won't mask your pores or hide your freckles, but it will leave skin looking even, fresh, and healthy, and it feels more like a souped up serum than a makeup product. The silken formula serves my blemish-marked skin surprisingly well, injecting luminosity, evening out the tone, cancelling out discolouration, and masking marks from all but a close and prying eye. Essentially a product which will best serve those with good/clear skin, but when paired with a good concealer [I would recommend MAC Studio Finish or EVE LOM's Brilliant Cover Concealer] in needy areas, even those with breakouts/blemishes will be pleasantly surprised. The formula is surprisingly pigmented [I typically use 4-7 drops, depending on how much coverage I want], so you can expect a believably natural and fresh finish with just a few drops, and those who do seek a little more coverage will find the texture easily buildable. The result? Polished, but not perfected to the point of plasticised. Hallelujah.


N.B. As of yet, Glossier is only available in the United States and unfortunately does not offer worldwide shipping. Word on the [beauty] street however, is that the UK can expect to see Glossier retailing on Net-a-Porter before the year is out.


Have you used any Glossier products? Thoughts??


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