We're all more than aware the being out in the sun without SPF protection is bad for our skin. Less obvious is the equal need to protect our hair from the sun's harmful rays, which fade colour and deplete moisture - resulting in evidence of the common distress signals of unhealthy hair [weak and brittle strands, dry ends, and frizziness]. Coloured hair is particularly vulnerable and sensitive to the oxidation caused by sun exposure, which will instantly fade colour, but even natural hair pigment is faded with sun exposure and will suffer noticeable moisture loss. With prolonged exposure, free radicals that attack hair will also incite the ageing process, weakening and thinning hair, and resulting in a noticeable loss of volume.

Sun protection for the hair works on the same basis as skin protection, in that it serves as a protective layer; however, whilst the ideas are the same, the formulas are not - SPF is irrelevant and UV protection is the name of the game. Think of the below as a suncream and after-sun for your hair...


Hair In The Sun*

Following the same logic as skin sun protection, this innovative product acts as a defensive layer for hair, preventing bleaching and moisture loss as well as protecting hair from free radicals in order to preserve colour and maintain texture. If you colour your hair, it's a particularly pertinent product, as it will prevent brassiness and fading. Packed with the brand's signature Ocean Silk Technology [a cocktail of active ingredients that gives hair style and protection, without weighing it down], and long-lasting UV filters [made with coconut and cinnamon] which adhere to hair and absorb ultraviolet rays. The unique UVQ formula coats each individual hair, without permeating the skin as sunscreen does, which means that it lasts longer and will remain in place even after a shower or swim [only vigorous shampooing will aid removal]. This vibrantly scented lotion can be used in wet or dry hair, and handily doubles up as a styling product, offering smoothening capabilities that will fix your style in place and add a sleek separation to locks worn loose. When applying, I find that less is more, but even a heavy-handed application doesn't result in a overloaded greasy look; the initially thick and serum-like texture becomes lighter with application, and with absorption adds a smooth glossiness, which will maintain pigment and texture, ensuring shiny, hydrated, and vibrant locks all summer long.

Hair After The Sun*

Just as an after-sun product for the skin packs in the moisture, this acts as a surge of hydration for your hair, instantly restoring moisture levels and boosting shine. Containing an extra-strength blend of Sachajuan's conditioning Ocean Silk Technology, this thick lotion replenishes hair with the necessary nutrients to maintain health and vitality after increased and prolonged sun exposure, packing in the moisture and smoothing that inevitable post-sun frizz in order to maintain manageability. Unlike most hair treatments, this is light enough that it won't interfere with consequently applied styling products, or your usual haircare routine, so would be great if you frequently use heat tools and find your hair fries easily. It can be used in wet or dry hair and can either be left in or rinsed out - personally I prefer to use it in wet hair, post-shower, and treat it as a leave-in conditioner. The softening formula makes post-shower brushing/combing a breeze [and aids styling if you choose to blow-dry], as well as leaving your locks infused with a particularly potent strain of the signature Sachajuan scent. I can see this being a perennial favourite, as I always suffer from especially frizzy hair during the winter months, and find this boasts some of the most impressive smoothening capabilities I've ever witnessed in a hair treatment.

How do you protect your hair in and after the sun?


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