'Glow' is the undisputed beauty buzzword of the season, with everything from foundation to toner promising to infuse skin with radiance and dewiness. Enter masking, where recent launches [notably the Origins mask immediately below - the inspiration for this feature] prove that masks are no longer simply divided between just two camps [moisturising and cleansing]. Instead, thanks to innovative formulas and high-tech ingredients, we can now anticipate bright, dewy, and healthy skin in a matter of moments. For, in order to achieve truly radiant skin, we need to go that extra step further than simply a basic skincare routine. Face masks may appear to be the one-stop wonders of the skincare world, but when used on a frequent and regular basis, will make all the difference in boosting your skin to next level luminosity.

Meet the five masks guaranteed to give you a glow like no other; makeup's faux radiance is rendered quite unnecessary.

ORIGINS Original Skin Retexturising Mask*

Despite its relatively recent release, the instant glow-factor has made many an acolyte of this sleek pink tube [myself included - proof]. Ideal for dull and lacklustre complexions in need of both radiance and a deep cleanse, I can see this being an enduring staple in my routine. Every ingredient performs its purpose - from the deep cleansing base of mediterranean rose clay, to Canadian willowherb [to combat sallowness], Persian silk tree [to soothe stressed skin] and gently exfoliating jojoba beads [a virtuous take on physical exfoliation], along with a complex blend of essential oils, which refine surface texture. Light, creamy, and luxurious, this mask is a joy to use, and clears exposed pores in a single use, leaving a complexion that appears noticeably clearer and brighter.

SISLEY Radiant Glow Express Mask*

The name of this creamy mask is more than apt - you can expect an instantaneous glow that is nothing short of radiant. A base of red and white clays helps to withdraw the impurities that dull skin; whilst active ingredients, including carrot, red vine, rosehip, and chamomile, immediately reduce signs of fatigue and replace a lacklustre complexion with a fresh radiance. Sisley masks have long been heralded as the elite of the masking world, held in high regard for the fact that they always live up to their claims. For this reason I favour using this mask immediately prior to makeup application - the immediate glow transcends foundation coverage and has the effect of brightening and blurring imperfections whilst reducing redness and evening out an irregular skintone [meaning very little base makeup is required]. It also leaves skin soft and silky smooth, so your foundation will sit perfectly.

MALIN+GOETZ Detox Face Mask*

Rarely do deep cleansing masks discount clay from their formulas without impacting upon their efficiency, and yet here is just that rarity; a modern interpretation on cleansing thanks to an innovative formula of oxygenating cleansing agents, which lift dirt and oil from deep within the pores without stripping the skin. Aside from cleansing, this mask offers deep hydration, making it ideal for those with a dry or dehydrated complexion. Moisture is sealed into the skin whilst vitamins and soy protein impart a fresh and smooth dewiness. Amino acids and almond extract cause the mask to evolve from its initially gel-textured consistency to a thick foamy mousse; this process of oxygenation serves to reduce redness and brighten pigmentation when used regularly, but notably leaves skin glowing in a single use.


ORIGINS Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

The benefits of a full eight hours sleep are manifold; whilst you rest, your body works to repair, heal, and rejuvenate. Supplying it with the right tools [especially when you're not going to be getting a full eight hours] means you can maintain your glow-getting agenda 24/7. For late nights and long flights there is nothing better than this hydrating mask - the miracle ingredients lineup is specifically designed to work the night shift and take advantage of prolonged exposure to the skin. By pumping skin with moisture and stockpiling water reserves [thanks to the inclusion of avocado oil, mango butter, hyaluronic acid, and seaweed extract] this leaves skin noticeably brighter come morning. Ideal for layering on thick the night before a big day, or if you're too tired to use any of the above but still want look like you had a full hours of sleep; you'll wake up to a complexion that appears infinitely well-rested - plump, fresh, and radiant.

RADICAL SKINCARE Instant Revitalising Mask*

Working on a similar premise to the Malin+Goetz mask above, but with more emphasis upon  brightening than cleansing, this masks applies as a thick syrupy gel, foaming up within a matter of seconds, before bubbling and dissolving [with a popping candy-like sound and sensation]. This action serves to boost circulation, a process that instantly brightens the skin - the brand promises [and delivers] a noticeable glow within just five minutes. This mask is a true skincare cocktail - a high vitamin count acts like a health shot for the face, infusing it with antioxidants whilst ginseng extract stimulates collagen production and sodium PCA binds moisture into the skin. Ideal for blemish-marked and scarred complexions, regular use will maintain luminosity and brighten pigmentation in the long- as well as the short-term.

What are your favourite glow-giving face masks?


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