In fashion as in beauty, & Other Stories has established itself as synonymous to a strong, contemporary look. The & Other Stories woman exudes poise, allure, and sophistication with a modern, creative flair that is somehow simultaneously elegant yet tough, with an effortless allure that translates into the brand's wildly successful beauty line. Each collection adds more than just reworked colours and finishes to the established line, instead innovative new products consistently join the ranks, establishing themselves as favourites of women who seek the same chic sensibility from their beauty products as they do their sartorial choices. This season the brand have launched not one, but two autumn looks, each inspired by one of their European ateliers. The first is a celebration of French flair; sharp and sophisticated, with a glowing base and subtly sculpted facial features that support a strong eye look. The second draws inspiration from the Stockholm Atelier; a homage to an effortlessly cool, minimalist but distinct look, manifested through strong colour and a luminous base. Both looks champion a sheer, glowing base, subtly sculpted facial features, and a strong eye, with highlighting cream used to define and lighten the high points of the face.

With skin freshly washed and moisturised, warm a little of the Sunray Pleat Pearl Creme Highlighter* between the fingers and swipe across the cheekbones before dabbing in in gentle patting movements until a fresh sheen is achieved. Wipe any axes down the bridge of the nose, across the brow bones, and onto the Cupid's Bow. With a sheer glow intact, subtly sculpt facial features by applying the Total Tint Stick* to the hollows of the cheekbones, directly beneath the highlighter. Use the fingers to press and blend the pigment into skin, moving colour onto the apples of the cheeks and back towards the ears. Apply the lighter of the Eyebrow Tint* shades in short light strokes, then add a second layer using the darker option. The tint sets quickly so be sure to keep a cotton bud to hand for immediate alterations. Utilise the Matte Eye Colour in Tiretaine Blush* to add subtle contour and soft definition to the eyes before sweeping on the drama of bold feline flicks with the Eye Marker in Bombazine Black. Just a dab of lip colour is required to finish the look. Dab the Lip Colour in Mistral Currant [a dark, muted take on a festive red] onto the centre of the lips before pressing them together to softly blend the pigment out for an elegant ombre effect.



Some are wary of cream and stick blushes, but they are actually much easier to apply than traditional powders, which can be hard to place and are so easily overdone. This stick has a beautifully fresh, sheer finish that imparts just a hint of colour with first contact, but can be built up to something bolder, leaving skin looking luminous and glowy with a really natural, flattering flush. It's super versatile as you can blend it in with your fingers and even use it as an eyeshadow or lip tint when your makeup bag is short on space.




I've never not been known to swoon over a highlighter [strictly of the beauty variety, of course], and was delighted to see that & Other Stories would be launching a cream addition to their already substantive line of glow-getters. In terms of both texture and finish I favour a cream highlighter above all others - they really are the best ay to impart a fresh, dewy illumination. This subtle, shimmery cream is designed to brighten and highlight certain areas of the face; I use it primarily to sweep across the tops of my cheekbones and to highlight details like the brow bone or the bridge of my nose. The sheer, pearlescent tone blends beautifully and accents almost every skintone exquisitely.



Another innovative and exciting new launch in the form of a pair of brow tinting pens, designed to be used together in order to create the perfect shade. The slim, soft nib allows for precise definition, perfect for creating  natural look that doesn't detract from a strongly lined eye. Coverage is at first sheer, then buildable, drying remarkably quickly and locking down to an impressively long-lasting pigment.



Without a doubt the eyeshadow shade of the season, this ethereal, delicate pink hue is the definition of the refined and elegant beauty that took centerstage at fashion week. Despite being such soft, sheer colour, it offers a highly-pigmented matte finish, which subtly sculpts and enhances the eye area. The loose silky powder sets to a soft, creamy finish, which adheres to the skin remarkably well.






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