Renowned for delivering cutting edge products and offering a bold, creative alternative to typically 'safe' luxury beauty brands, Urban Decay has launched an autumn collection that is unabashedly intense, deep, and dreamy. Calling upon the essentials of a traditional autumn look [smokey eyes, a matte lip, and a good brow] and amping the intensity, the collection's inspiration lies in an edgy, modern take on a dark, sultry aesthetic. Eyes and lips take centre stage upon first glance, but behind the scenes, innovative new brow products ensure that elegant enhancement pulls together the final look with finesse. 

This is a look in which the lips and eyes do the talking, so keep the base fresh and simple. Use fingers to apply the Naked Skin Beauty Balm*, which offers a subtle complexion enhancement, evening out a patchy skintone and replacing dullness with radiance. To to add just a little warmth and definition to the skin, blend together all three shades from the Naked Flushed Blush Palette* and dust over the cheeks [the antidote product to excessive contouring]. For a foolproof smokey eye, apply a deep shade from the Naked Smokey Palette* to the upper lid and brighter one to the bottom [this widens the eye] and blend well. Amp the intensity by using a third, darker hue to life and elongate the eye, or by buffing colour down onto the lower lash line. The idea is to achieve a finished, polished look that doesn't lean so bold as to detract from the impact of the smokey eye, instead seeking to frame the face and emphasise the eyes with a natural, sculpted brow. Take the Brow Beater Pencil*, and use the spoolie to gently brush brows upwards in order to create the appearance of fullness and remove product. Then focus the product into the centre of the brow using short, light brush strokes to carefully carve out shape and fill in sparse areas. Use the spoolie to correct smudges or over-application. To keep brows in place and add thickness and dimension, use the Brow Tamer Gel* to carefully lift and shape hair. Focus product on the front of the brows to add definition without resulting in a squared-off edge. For lips, create an ombre effect by focussing the Matte Revolution Lipstick* on the centre of both the top and bottom lips then smudging out in short, light strokes with the tip of a finger.



With a high-tech formula that falls somewhere in-between wax and powder, this is the perfect product for creating natural defined brows. Ideal for those wary of going over the top, or who just want to add a very subtle enhancement to sparse brows, the precise microfine tip flawlessly replicates the appearance of natural hair. What sets this product apart from its competitors is the formula's ability to adhere well to both hair and skin, resulting in a smooth, even, and incredibly long-lasting finish. The self-sharpening pencil offers complete control and precision, and even the spoolie unique shape, designed to latch onto every single hair and groom even the most unruly brows into shape.





This brush-on gel grooms and defines eyebrows with an incredibly natural finesse. Ideal for use on its own or for enhancing the effects of the above, the precise brush affords total control, delivering a lightweight formula for flexible, comfortable hold. The result is brows that boast a healthy, soft sheen and appear lifted, controlled, and decidedly not crunchy. I use this to add a little texture and softness to a bold and defined arch - the effect is both tasteful and alluring.








The ultimate compilation of sultry, smokey neutrals in a variety of finishes [from matte to satin and, of course, sparkle] will take you from day to night with ease. Offering multiple, wearable colour and finish combinations, this is a truly versatile palette that offers as much to the novice as it does to the connoisseur. With a rich colour payoff and velvety texture, these shadows are longlasting and blendable, allowing you to effortlessly create the appearance of a complex smokey eye.




Despite being far from a 'shy' shade, this deep red has cosy, brown undertones that are simultaneously edgy and flattering. The highly saturated colour and creamy, matte finish result in the perfect autumn lip. What's more is the formula is uber long-lasting and packed with hydrating ingredients and antioxidant protection; essentially all the benefits of a lip balm, in lipstick form. The combination of a smooth, cream formula and strong pigment result in a lush, extravagant effect that makes this lipstick the ideal candidate for mastering the season's covetable ombre-effect lip.





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