Midday makeup migration and [literal] beauty meltdowns are never ideal, even less so when the lifestyle of the modern woman calls for makeup to last impeccably from office to post-work drinks, and throughout such occasions as all-night parties, long-haul flights, marathons, and job interviews, when we inflict out complexions with more than their fair shade of agro.

Products specifically focussed on asserting staying powder are paramount and vital additions to your roster when keeping your makeup on lockdown is the primary requirement of the day.

Think of the below as your makeup insurance policy.


The success of flawless foundation application rests upon creating the perfect starting point - a blank canvas, if you will, which will ensure that makeup is guaranteed longevity before it has even been applied. These days primers come in a multitude of forms and varieties, going above and beyond simply keeping your makeup in place; from SPF-laden formulas through to iridescent radiance boosters. Above all remember to fine-tune your selection to sit you; silicone-based formulas will last better and longer than any others [and will be a particularly pertinent choice for those with oily skin], but if you're skin errs on the dry side of the spectrum, it will favour those packed with hydrating ingredients. Apply with your fingertips once day cream is absorbed, concentrate upon imbalanced areas [oily and dry patches] and don't neglect the under-eye, where creasing becomes most evident.

SISLEY Instant Perfect*

This skin-refining primer instantly blurs imperfections; minimising enlarged pores and blemishes, smoothing fine lines, and adhering makeup to the skin impeccably. The silicone-based gel texture leaves skin with a velvety smooth matte base, which makes foundation application a dream. Its success lies primarily in its unique and innovative formula, which sees silicone polymers working to improve makeup hold whilst a soft-focus powder controls shine and diffuses light to aid the appearance of a more unified complexion. Like all Sisley makeup products, this is very much a skincare hybrid, combining the art of makeup with the science of skincare; it's packed with botanical extracts which ensure skin remains hydrated and protected all day long. Its skin perfecting capabilities render it a favourite of mine on days when I've opted for a notably sheer/light coverage base.

RMK Makeup Base*

This stuff is like superglue for the skin, and even has a faintly glue-like aroma, which may seem disconcerting but in truth does little more than satisfy me of its prowess. I reach for this primer on days when my makeup is most at threat - long shifts at work, lengthy train journeys, and sweltering temperatures have had little to no impact upon my foundation when this is in place. Its unusual texture [thin and watery] renders it easily absorbed and leaves skin feeling instantly hydrated [it's actually packed with RMK's Silk Essence, a potent moisturising formula that forms a veil over the skin]. Aside from these hydrating benefits, this is no multi-tasking wonder, it's a safe as houses does-what-it-says-on-the-tin primer, and that's the beauty of it.


Despite an arsenal of bolt-ons, which [especially when used in conjunction] will notably improve makeup's performance and lifespan, those who do place their makeup at increased risk should also opt for a foundation that is specifically formulated to last. These days most high-end makeup brands have a base line that caters for any and every circumstance, and resilient makeup is a well served category [as the names of the below demonstrate]. Again, look for silicone based formulas [avoid oil-based ones], which will work well with previously and consequently applied products, and for further improved durability apply foundation in multiple light layers, as opposed to a single heavy one.

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation*

Weightless is most definitely the word; the latest release from base connoisseurs Nars boasts a thin, silken texture, which glides on and absorbs to form a barely-there second skin effect. Despite its sheer texture, coverage is surprisingly high, and 16-hour wear is promised [and delivered] - I find that this lasts best when applied in multiple built-up layers. It's a delight to wear in sunnier climes and on particularly long days, as the formula doesn't lend itself to that heavy, tacky sensation that most foundations demonstrate by the end of the day - you won't find yourself with a pressing need to remove it by 6pm.

CLARINS Everlasting Foundation*

Everlasting might be a far-fetched claim, but this comes about as close as you can get [which is 18 hours according to the press release on hand], and whilst I've not yet had occasion to put it to the test for quite so long, I've been overwhelmingly impressed with its performance on my recent 8am-10pm working days. With customisable coverage [medium to high] that leaves no imperfection unconcealed, and moisturising plant extracts that hydrate and protect skin, this is foundation at its most innovative and virtuous. Texture-wise this is incredibly similar to the above, light, fluid, and just a little creamier [ideal for very dry skin types]. The star ingredient is bamboo powder, which mattifies without compromising upon glow, and assists Clarins' High Fidelity System technology in order to keep your base in place no matter what you throw at it.


Perhaps the most conventional approach to ensuring makeup staying power. The best powders prevent shine, but do not compromise upon glow, and remain undetectable upon the skin, blurring imperfections, reflecting light, and absorbing excess oil without clinging to dry patches. Ideal for midday touchups, a powder compact is the original handbag essential, but loose powder can be a little more efficient, especially upon oilier skin types.

EVE LOM Sheer Radiance Translucent Powder*

Without a doubt my favourite setting powder of all time, this boasts an airbrush effect that instantly blurs imperfections, softens and brightens the complexion, and cancels out unwanted redness. Foundation will not only appear enhanced and perfected, but will remain so all day. The revolutionary formula optimises light reflection for a soft-focus effect, and the luxuriously soft and light texture applies without a trace, whilst behind the scenes hyaluronic acid and antioxidants veil skin in hydration. Breaking from convention, the innovative packaging presents loose powder in its most compact and portable form.

CHANEL Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder

The original glow-giving setting powder has heralded a series of dupes, but none come quite so close to delivering as this Chanel favourite does. Aiming to recreate the radiant and glowing complexion of a woman who has just spent time outdoors, this powder is all about glow. Despite this, it's exceptionally good at maintaining a balanced complexion, oil is kept under control and shine is regulated in a subtle and sophisticated manner. SPF protection is an added bonus.


Much like a hairspray is to your hair and a topcoat is to your nails, think of a makeup setting spray as the finishing touch to your makeup look. A quick spritz of a lightweight facial mist will instantly revive a dull complexion and provide glow-getting hydration without disturbing makeup; and when applied immediately after foundation application serves to prolong makeup's lifespan by keeping skin hydrated. Ideal if you seek a dewy, radiant finish, or require a dry-skin-friendly alternative to going heavy with the powder puff. Avoid formulas containing alcohol, and always spray on from arms length to avert mascara related catastrophes.

CLARINS Fix Makeup Refreshing Mist*

The zesty and refreshing scent makes this a winner in warmer weather, but even on cooler days I favour this over any other setting spray. It applies with just the right amount of force and leaves a truly noticeable and lasting glow in addition to keeping your makeup intact, rub-resistant, and sweat-proof all day long. Unlike synthetic formulas this won't sit heavily upon the skin, instead the potent blend of botanical ingredients [including rose and grapefruit] soften and brighten skin, whilst natural silicones keep makeup on lockdown.


I adore the fine and even mist that this aerosol can provides - a somewhat less precarious application process than the above, which, if used on too close a range can have disastrous effects. Light and fast-drying, this formula is designed specifically for oily and blemish-prone skin types [as the refreshingly minimal ingredients list demonstrates] and will leave skin matte and calmed.

A word must also be given to skincare, which, as the cornerstone of an efficient beauty regime, has notable impact upon the efficiency and last of makeup. Essentially, regular exfoliation and a good day cream will assist primer in ensuring a smooth and even base, and well-hydrated skin will prevent foundation from peeling and flaking towards the end of the day.

What are your tips, tricks, and product recommendations for keeping your makeup on lockdown?


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