Firstly, apologies for the brief blogging hiatus; moving back to the city presented a serious case of 'hitting the ground running' and in order to keep on top of work, study, and life in general, writing was forced to take the brunt of the blow. This month's stand-out products were easy to establish - those that were not relinquished to a stack of cardboard boxes, but remained at my side throughout the drawn out process of my moving mayhem. 

SISLEY So Intense Eyeliner*

With such a vast variety of options on offer on the market, from kohl through to liquid, pencils, and felt-tip liners, the perfect eyeliner is hard to come by, and even more so when sensitive eyes must be catered to. As a contact lens wearer I've grown to be wary of applying makeup too close to my eyes lest product should transfer to the lenses [causing cloudiness and irritation, which can lead to infection], so this month has been notable in marking my discovery of the perfect eye liner - one specifically designed for contact lens wearers. Aside from being suitable for sensitive eyes the formula is packed with skincare benefits, which protect and comfort both lashes and lids. With a precision tip, a firm nib, and dense jet black pigment, Sisley's latest launch ticks every box of requirement, lending its skill to both a thick black cat-eye flick or to subtle precision definition. I personally favour the latter on a day-to-day basis, and have been employing this to define my lash line by applying right in between the roots of my lashes. Its success stands resolute in the fact that my eyes have remained clear, dry, and irritation-free.


TOM FORD Extreme Mascara*

A worthy companion to the above; when it comes to mascara I rarely stray from the two tried and trusted favourites that I've used and loved since my teen years. However, when a Tom Ford offering lands upon your desk, you most certainly do not [and indeed cannot] overlook it. This is mascara at its most dramatic - thick, carbon black lashes that frame and define the eyes, the perfect complement to a smokey-eye look. The thick brush and unique nib design captures even the smallest lashes, coating them in a creamy lash-filling formula that provides lift, last, and glamour, without clumping, crumbling, or drooping.

& OTHER STORIES Cashmere Day Cream*

With colder weather upon the horizon and winter's dull, dry and dehydrated skin a certain threat, I've been making a conscious effort to maintain moisture throughout the day, rather than just loading on the night cream come evening. The vast variety of day creams on the market present a minefield of choice - finding a product that maintains hydration, absorbs well, prevents shine, and sits well underneath makeup is a harder task than one might imagine, but was for me easily resolved in my [re]discovery of & Other Stories' fantastic Cashmere Day Cream. A good, basic, 'does what it says on the tin' water-based cream that plumps skin with moisture, and despite being designed for dry skin types, is refreshingly light. The gel texture is easily absorbed and leaves skin silky soft to touch - rendering it ideal for wearing beneath makeup.


RMK Skintuner Smoother Moist*

Part toner, part serum, and much like an essence, this is essentially a moisturiser in liquid form and an excellent way to add a supplementary boost of hydration to your routine. Not only does it gently exfoliate away dead skin cells [encouraging cell renewal, fading pigmentation, and aiding an overall brightness], but thanks to a nourishing blend of fruit extracts it restores elasticity and softens skin, whilst reinforcing moisture levels. The watery texture and uplifting aroma of lavender, lemon, and rosemary are instantly refreshing and the silky texture leaves my skin feeling soothed and comforted, so I favour application after a heavy masking session or when my skin is feeling dry and tight. Instead of employing the traditional 'swipe with a cotton pad' method, I massage two pumps between my hands before patting them gently over my face in order to improve absorption. 

OXYGENETIX Oxygenating Foundation*

If ever a product was worthy of the phrase 'don't judge a book by its cover' it would be this one. The unassuming vial contains one of the most impressive foundation formulas I have ever had the fortune to use and wear. Light and creamy, it impressively evens out discolouration and blotchiness, concealing blemishes and pigmentation without appearing thick or heavy - the finish is a flawless airbrush effect. The formula is also packed with an impressive array of skincare benefits; aside from being transfer and water resistant and the unsurprising addition of SPF [in this case 25], the breathable formula helps to reduce scarring and pigmentation by improving skin's healing process and speeding up tissue reconstruction. The foundation is also available in an acne control version, which contains 2% salicylic acid, keeping breakouts at bay and improving cell renewal. Above all, it's impressively long-lasting, withstanding heat, exercise, and a 12-hour day, with coverage intact and shine at bay - proving that doing good and looking good are a winning combo.


What were your standout products from September?


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