When it comes to skincare we're well versed in a 'with damage, follows repair' protocol, but despite the fact that our hair is subjected to just as much strain as our skin, alongside the [not-so-pleasant] aftershocks that follow frequent shampooing, overzealous brushing, and scorching hot water and air, we're less diligent when it comes to assiduous haircare. Read on for part two [see part one here] of your guide to bringing your hair bag to life, whatever its issue.

For instant hydration : KMS CALIFORNIA MoistRepair Revival Cream*

Countering dry hair requires protecting our tresses from the effects of notoriously drying hair-styling activity [notably over-cleansing and excessive heat-tool use], and nourishing each individual hair cuticle in order to restore moisture balance. This delicate lotion is designed to act like a hand cream for the hair, locking in moisture and soothing frizz and flyaways via a unique formula that penetrates each hair follicle  with aloe vera and vanilla in order to replenish moisture from inside out. Comb through dry or damp hair and expect locks to feel and appear instantly soothed and softened. 

For emergency touch-ups BUMBLE & BUMBLE Prêt-à-Powder*

Without a doubt the SOS haircare situation we call all relate to; whether a late night or long day has rendered a hair wash out of the question, when our roots are looking less 'shiny' and more 'greasy', dry shampoo is the ultimate pinch hitter. Designed primarily to absorb excess oil from the scalp, like all Bumble & bumble products, Prêt-à-Powder boasts multiple additional benefits - notably this finely-milled powder will revive a bedhead style, boost fullness and thickness, and diminish day-old product residue. Universally adored, and quite possibly the gold standard of dry shampoos, this is a one-stop emergency touch-up - because unlike its cheaper alternatives, you won't need to schedule in top-ups.


For frizz and flyaways : BUMBLE & BUMBLE Invisible Oil*

Designed for daily use, smooth this lightweight serum through dry locks to deliver a rich blend of nourishing oils into your hair, without the greasiness. This is a leave-in treatment with a difference; it's devoid of the slipperiness, weight, and residue that come hand-in-hand with conventional hair oils. Flyaways and frizz are locked down for the long-run, replaced with a silky-soft texture and subtle shine that adds a sleek and sophisticated look to any style. Meanwhile, beneath the surface, coconut, argan, macadamia, almond, and grapeseed oils help to prevent breakage and tangles, repair sun-damaged locks, provide heat protection and [with prolonged use] strengthen hair from within.

For tangle-prone tresses : Tangle Teezer

Brushing my hair has long been my most-hated beauty chore; childhood mornings spent in tears after a routine hairbrushing session led to teen years defined by a backcombed 'messy bun' that rendered brushing [blessedly] unnecessary. The unique arrangement of bristles is designed to untangle even the worst knots in as few strokes as possible, and without the usual requisite eye-watering pain. Even those with relatively short or tangle-free hair will find this has a superiority that most budget hairbrushes lack - it won't snag or break hair, can be used wet or dry, and soothes from the roots without depleting volume.

For lacklustre locks : SACHAJUAN Intensive Repair Shampoo*

Whilst most hair treatments come in the form of masks and serums, there's no reason why rich, hydrating ingredients can't be delivered in shampoo form - and this product proves that the best do more than just cleanse the hair. It balances both scalp and shafts, creating the perfect foundation for styling, and subtle enhancements. Sachajuan's unique Ocean Silk Technology penetrates the follicles for long-lasting hydration and prevents moisture loss, resulting in hair both looking and feeling healthier. After just a few uses, expect hair to boast an enhanced sheen and radiance that exudes health, shine restored.

What's in your SOS haircare arsenal?


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