Between the post-festive slump and January blues, the month may not be everyone’s favourite time of year, but for me January is great for two things: my birthday, and new beauty launches. Whilst not all of the below are hot off the press per se, they’re all new to my routine, and as you’ll see, I’m quite smitten.




My hair is naturally very sleek and straight, so when it gets frizzy it becomes very noticeable. Central heating and rainstorms leave me frizzed out, with a halo of fuzz around my head that can seemingly only be quelled with a few drops of this rather miraculous serum. I’ve used so many products that claim to fight frizz, but most usually result in greasy roots or only last a couple of hours. I like this one because it flattens frizz without flattening roots, so doesn’t make freshly washed, blow-dried hair look like lank, greasy day five hair. It also seems to help to relax any waves or kinks in my hair and truly keeps flyaways on lockdown from dawn till dusk [and vice versa]. Plus, the bottle is small enough to easily stow in my handbag when I’m out and about, for safety’s sake.

In the colder months, hydration is the mainstay of my evening skincare routine. I like to slather my skin in an oil and let it sink in before applying a rich night cream. Thick, moisturising textures are all well and good, but January’s dull and dehydrated skin calls for something both more sophisticated and more innovative. This high-tech formula contains an extensive list of virtuous ingredients that help to strengthen skin’s moisture barrier, heal damage caused by environmental aggressors, and deliver antioxidants to support overnight cellular recovery. The texture, whilst thick, is delightfully non-greasy, and sinks in quickly, leaving skin smooth and matte to touch.

SMASHBOX Definer Brush*

I’ll be the first to admit that the world of makeup brushes is truly overwhelming in terms of the vast variety of types and shapes on offer. Eyeshadow brushes in particular present a hard terrain to navigate, but, whilst there are a staggering amount of options out there, no two are truly the same, and with practice and experimentation, favourites soon emerge from the woodwork. The bristles of this brush are that perfect balance between dense and loose that makes eyeshadow application almost foolproof. They’re perfectly soft so deposit just the right amount of product and lend their hand to almost any technique; I find that it excels best when contouring the crease and defining the lower lashline, but [in a pinch] it also makes for a fantastic blending brush.

Parched, flaky lips are a pretty common issue for me, especially in the winter months. Gross, but real. Lip balms help, but my favourite product for immediate [and lasting] relief is this thick, nourishing oil. Far from conventional, but I 100% trust anything that comes from Clarins’ doors. I particularly like applying this before heading out into the cold for a run as it coats my lips in a tick layer of protection against the elements. As the name suggests, the texture is comforting, and doesn’t feel heavy or sticky like a gloss. The slightly tinted sheen immediately brightens my lips and makes them look less dead. I also use it as a first step to give lip colour something to adhere to, and as a final step to lock it in place.

CLARINS Tonic Body Treatment Oil*

This is liquid gold in a bottle; a dense, aromatic oil made with 100% plant extracts that locks in moisture, firms, tones, and refreshes skin. The experience of massaging it in makes me feel like a Grecian anassa and leaves me smelling like the headiest of summer gardens; all rosemary’d and geranium’d up. Take the time to really press the liquid into your skin, or alternatively have someone else massage it in for you [it may be skincare, but it’s sexy skincare - expect to emerge from the bathroom with satin soft, dewy, fragrant skin]. Inhale, glow, rejoice, repeat.

What beauty products have brightened your January?