There are few beauty concerns that affect every single one of us, but of those, frizzy hair is perhaps the most universally endured. It's a common conundrum - the resultant culmination of the havoc that central-heating, air-conditioning, rain, humidity, and styling tools wreaks upon our locks - manifest in flyaway roots, frizzy lengths, and fluffy ends.

Over the last few weeks, I've been on a quest to find the products [and tools] guaranteed to give me smooth, sleek hair. Some were okay, some really didn't do the trick, and others nailed it. Here are my five favourites.


I'm a huge fan of Bumble & Bumble so it's no surprise that the brand made the list. Quite unlike anything I've ever tried before, I use Defrizz as the finishing touch to styles of any and every variety. It's a super-smooth way to soothe down unruly strands - a small amount rubbed between the palms and worked from roots to lengths quells any puffiness instantly and keeps frizz on lockdown - acting as a barrier to humidity. It's thick and gel-like in texture, and you'll notice a difference as soon as you apply it. In fact, you may feel like it's a little too heavy at first, but, much like a dry oil for the skin, it seeps in and dries down, so doesn't cause hair to feel stiff or look greasy. The science behind the magic? Silicone, which has the ability to form a film over each individual strand in order to lock out frizz-causing moisture in the air.

It's no secret that regular use of heat styling tools will set you on a slippery slope towards damaged, frizz-prone hair; however, not all heat tools are created equal, and some are far more virtuous than others. A case in point - this heat blasting hair brush, designed to ensure that the sleekest smoothest blowdry of your life needn't be exclusive to a salon visit. The bristles smooth out the hair without pulling on individual strands, and because it's flat it directs heat in the direction of hair growth, which prevents flyaways. On top of that it I love it for the fact that it requires far less dexterity than my usual dual-handed attempt at simultaneously brushing and drying.

The key to ultra-straight hair is about finding a product that seals the hair shaft without weighing it down, or causing it to look lank or greasy. Formulated with emollient-rich plant butters that coat dry, frizz-prone strands, this cream is delightfully lightweight and a little herbal smelling. I worship at the shrine of coconut oil, but often need something lighter-weight and less time consuming; this is the perfect candidate - it leaves hair just as clean and soft. It also makes a lovely vehicle for other products when I want to whip up my own haircare concoction - I usually mix in a little of my Shu Uemura Essence Absolue for deeper hydration. Anticipate total frizz-elimination and a gloss, softness, and shine you wouldn't have thought possible from a single bottle of product.

When I'm going for that sleek, just-got-my-hair-done look, I work this styling cream [it's actually more of a gel/serum texture] into dry hair - it smoothes fluff down, creates a healthy sheen, and leaves my hair feeling nourished at the same time. Like all Sachajuan products, it's formulated with Ocean Silk Technology to pack a serious moisture punch, which really helps to keep frizz under control. Using it post-blowdry helps to keep my hair silky without weighing it down. I find this is best when my hair needs sleekness throughout - aka day two or three hair - otherwise it can feel a bit too heavy. On that same note, I reserve it for my lengths and ends; twisted through dry hair it adds body and movement, but more importantly helps to hold shape and style throughout the day.

Dry, damaged hair is more prone to breakage than any other type, so a weekly deep conditioning mask that keeps hair hydrated and cuticles smooth is the best preventative when it comes to frizz, and has become a necessary Sunday night tradition for me. Indeed, moisture-boosting masks like this one come into their own at this time of year, when hair has suffered through a long winter of moisture-sapping central heating, overuse of heat tools, and unexpected rain showers. Cheap masks offer a quick fix, granted, but better quality ones are formulated to rebuild the hair, rather than simply coat it in silicones [admittedly brilliant when you need a quick-fix antidote to frizz, but they won't do much for hair's long-term condition]. Formulated with hard-hitting ingredients [including ungurahua and sunflower oils and quinoa proteins] designed to penetrate hair to repair, nourish, and strengthen, this mask is very intensive. I focus it heavily on my ends, where it makes a huge difference in the several minutes that I spend shaving my legs or singing Fleetwood Mac songs in the shower. 



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