I've been trying to stay loyal to the products I use [in attempt both to streamline my collection and to keep my complexion in check], but in the past month beauty has played a bigger role than ever in my life so it's been hard. I've had increasing exposure to and opportunities to try the latest and greatest in beauty launches - a few of which I've debriefed on below.


TOM FORD Lip Colour in First Time

Consider this to be the 'grand dame' of nude-pink lipsticks, guaranteed to end your quest for the perfect pastel pout. Now a mainstay in my lineup of handbag regulars, the soft pink is just a little more vivid than my natural lip shade, and gives a great lift of colour with an on-trend matte finish. Perfect if you don't like bright, garish colours, but do want a subtle pop; it tones down as it dries to a dusky matte that is lovely for spring/summer. What's more, it doesn't feel heavy or drying as most mattes do, and  has a brightening effect that flatters all skintones, looking as good with a fresh-faced bare look as it does with a full smokey eye.

SEBASTIAN Shine Crafter Wax

Of my many personal beauty quests, establishing a piecey definition in my super-straight, silky hair has proven to be one of the hardest to accomplish - until this gem popped up on my radar. Looking like pure magic in a pot [it's purple and iridescent], this has fast become a staple in my [admittedly minimal] daily hairstyling routine. Less a wax, and more a thick, gloopy serum, I run a small amount between my fingers before twisting strands of my hair to add shape and define strands. The result is a soft pieceiness and weightless separation that lasts - and imparts some serious shine to boot. 


THIS WORKS Sleep Plus Hair Elixir

This Works' cult Pillow Spray has long been established as every beauty editor's secret to a good night's sleep, and the brand has since released a series of winning skincare [and now haircare] saviours. I recently trialled a bottle of this for a feature [see here] and fell head over heels in love; I rarely have time for extensive hair maintenance, so the fact that one single [exquisitely-scented] product could soften, tame, and subtly style my hair had instant appeal. Plus anything that works its magic with minimal effort required on my part is an automatic winner - while you sleep, argan, jojoba, and baobab oils penetrate deep into the hair fibre to nourish locks, so you wake up with glossier, healthier hair.

FOUNTAIN The Glow Molecule*

A science-savvy alternative to topical hydrators, I've taken to topping up my moisture levels with this liquid supplement, which showed results in a matter of weeks. I was initially sceptical as to how far downing a couple of teaspoons of clear liquid could help my skin, but if there's one thing I've learnt over the past year, it's to never underestimate the power of an 'inside out' approach to skincare.  Ideal if your skin is still looking a little worse for wear post-winter, The Glow Molecule utilises a high concentration of glutathione, an antioxidant which helps to reduce inflammation and clear the body of the toxins and free radicals that cause pigmentation issues.

EVE LOM Brightening Sheet Mask*

I've not quite mastered the ease with which so many others have assimilated sheet masks within their daily routines; perhaps because application is rather restricting - indeed in writing this the realisation has dawned that I am rarely at home, sat down for more than ten minutes, and not eating or talking... Despite this, I have managed to make time for this, one of the new additions to Eve Lom's excellent Brightening range. Ideal for when my skin is in need of a jolt of hydration and luminosity, the light, cotton mask is soaked in a thick, whipped-up cream, all silky and softening. On application, my skin feels immediately soothed and refreshed, and the cream, rather than simply sitting, soaks right down, leaving skin with the much-coveted sensation of being truly plumped with moisture. Very few beauty products meet their farfetched claims of showing immediate results, but this is one of the few that does. Expect to truly glow.


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