Until now, the concept of 'selfie-proof' makeup has had an admittedly gimmicky feel to it, for sure. But in launching The Estée Edit, Estée Lauder have tapped into a younger selfie-taking generation, with smart, savvy formulas based on the wealth of scientific research for which the company is so well known. Going above and beyond existing contributions to the market with a range of products that well and truly think outside the (makeup) box.

As well as locking down your base, the best primers can also help to even skintone, reduce discolouration, blur imperfections, and minimise shine. The Pore Vanishing Stick* does all of this  in a single swipe thanks to its fuss-free fast-fix stick form that can be used both under makeup to prep skin, and above for a quick refresh. The result is a velvet-smooth finish and 'my skin but better' finesse that transcends even the heaviest of bases.

Camera phones - especially front-facing cameras - lose the detail and depth of field of facial features's true strength and structure, so employ contouring - an age-old trick used my makeup artists since the golden days of Hollywood - for a little [short-term!] facial reconstruction. With a dark matte shade and a subtly shimmering lighter shade, Hi-Lo Stylo Contour* is perfect for sculpting definition by defining the highlights and lowlights of the face. The formula is the perfect cream-to-powder consistency, and what's more, the double-ended pencil is compact and portable, so can easily be slipped into your handbag for on-the-go touch-ups.  

When your artfully applied cream blush goes from dewy glowy to sweaty sheen in the face of your camera flash, it's time to adjust formula. Far from being old-school, The Barest Blush in Coy Coral* creates a soft flush of colour with a velvet matte finish that blends seamlessly into skin. The bright shade bumps up the radiance and clarity of skin, without over saturating it with colour, lending a sparkle to teeth and the whites of your eyes.

Since flash can wash out colour, deeper and brighter colours work best on the eyes. The Edit Eyeshadow Palette* contains the perfect mix of metallics and neutrals in both matte and shimmer forms. However, more than just your average eyeshadow palette, it also contains two 'transformer' shades, which give a shimmer effect by day, but in the dark make the colours glow under black light. For a quicker fix [perfect for beginners], The Edgiest Kohl Shadowstick in Spiced* is a three-in-one primer, shadow, and liner, that glides on smoothly for a fade-proof wash of colour that can be used to define and sculpt depth to the eye.

It's a fact that thick, full, fluttering lashes are one of the quickest beauty fixes in the book, but getting lashes to appear full and defined on camera is a tasking feat for the best of us [typically involving copious pumping of eyelash curlers]. Fortunately, Up & Out Double Mascara* negates the need for any additional implements thanks to a double-ended brush [one end caters to length and the second to volume], and smudge-proof, sweat-resistant formula. I've used double-ended brushes before and typically find the mixing of formulas leads to clumps or lacks effect, but this applies smoothly and results in extraordinary definition. Plus, the glossy black pigment contrasts with the white of your eyes to strengthen shape and look more awake.

I'm a fierce advocate of glowy skin, but as the best of us know, this can often translate as sweat. For this reason, a pressed powder is a vital component to my makeup repertoire, but the majority rely upon cheap ingredients and dated formulas that not only deplete glow, but also leave skin looking dry and cakey. Flash Photo Powder* is everything that a face powder in 2016 ought to be; it keeps makeup on lockdown, and absorbs excess oils without compromising upon the glow factor. In fact, the formula contains light-reflecting blue pigments that serve to boost the effect of a luminous complexion, like an IRL Instagram filter for your face.

It goes without saying that a flash of colour on the lips looks beautiful in photographs, and bold pigments especially will help the shape of your mouth to look more prominent. The Mattified Lipstick in Miss You* (a light, bright coral) saturates lips in intensely pigmented colour in a single slick, which - thanks to a modern, oil-infused formula - feels light and comfortable on the lips, unlike the heavy, drying matte formulas we're so used to. Go a step further and dial up the intensity with the Lip Flip Shade Transformer in Flip Up*. One of the most exciting and innovative developments in makeup I've seen in recent years, the clever formula is designed to be applied over lipstick to brighten colour and make lips the focal point of your look. Not only does it enhance colour, but also serves to bring out the whiteness in teeth and make skin look more radiant and clear. 

It's no secret that I'm no proponent of makeup wipes, but come the end of the night when we tumble in with absolutely no desire to conduct a full skincare routine, even the best of us are guilty of opting for a fast fix. As far as makeup wipes go, Dissolve The Drama Longwear Makeup Wipes* are surprisingly efficient, and in truth, there's no brand I'd trust more as far as formulas go. Soaked in an oil-free cleanser that leaves skin clean, fresh, and hydrated, the wipes wick away all trace of even the most deep-rooted pigments. Just be sure to double-cleanse come morning.

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