A new year, a new month, and a new roundup of the beauty products worth writing home about.


Blemish marks and acne scars are the bane of my skin’s existence. Of all the clearing, brightening, breakout banishing products I’ve tried, this product completely changed the game for my skin, it’s straight up MAGIC. Inspired by professional dermalogical peels, it’s a creamy balm that delivers a powerful exfoliating effect on the skin using a particularly potent blend of glycolic acid. It’s VERY strong, so I only used it a couple of times a week - overnight and in place of my usual serums and moisturiser, but for the sake of a little redness/stinging, you do see the results immediately.


When it comes to eyeshadows, like most, I’m sucked in by the sleek packaging and sheer prettiness of colour and texture that greets one upon opening, but within seconds I find myself identifying the colours I would never wear in a million years - which usually constitutes 70% of those on offer. For an eyeshadow palette to make it into one of my favourites is a rare feat indeed, but Viseart’s Neutral Mattes Palette has done just that. To some it might seem just another assortment of bland nudes, but to me it’s the most perfect, versatile, useful, and trend-proof curation of shadows I’ve seen. Catering to a range of looks -from one-wash colours, to subtle definition, and full-on smokey - every shade earns its place. What’s more, the formula has exceptional pigment and colour payoff, blending to silky seamless perfection.


Sisley is basically the Rolls Royce of skincare, everything they do they do to a standard that exceeds expectation. Whilst it’s no secret that expensive doesn’t always equal effective, this is a brand that drives their profits straight back into product development, resulting in products that combine cutting edge skin technologies with the highest quality ingredients for maximum effect. Usually when a gel cleanser has the word ‘gentle’ in its name, it’s completely hyperbolic, but this is far from the drying, stripping formula you might expect. Nothing serves to refresh skin in the morning quite like a gel cleanser, so when I find one that cleans my skin without irritating it, I use it to the very last drop.


My hair is stubbornly thick and straight and adding any texture or shape requires a lot more effort than I’m willing to put in on a weekday morning. At the same time, I like a texture that looks like I just rolled out of bed, but in the most polished way possible. This texture mist from Living Proof [one of the most innovative haircare brands on the market] does just the trick. A few quick spritzes through the lengths followed by a quick tousle with my hands adds the right amount of volume, texture, and movement, without feeling crunchy or sticky. It’s also particularly good for mussing up a sleek ponytail.


This little guy has been around forever, ask anyone in beauty to name their top 5 products and this will pop up on 90% of the lists. It’s been a handbag essential of mine for years, but accompanied me on a recent city break and I fell back in love with it all over again. The sheer balm melts into skin, adding just a subtle hint of colour and sheen. It’s the kind of product you can apply mirrorless/in the dark/after bottomless mimosas, without messing up application, and the fact that the formula is hydrating, so won’t settle into dry chapped lips in the winter is an added bonus.

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