Grace's Face: Winter 2018

It’s been a long time since I wrote one of these posts so for once this should be quite a refreshing addition to this series - and if you do spot any familiar faces, let that serve as proof of the product’s prowess…

This is my daily face - what I wear on an everyday basis for work or a regular weekend - for nights out and special occasions it’s a different story (watch this space). In contrast to when I worked on beauty counters (where a full face of makeup was a requirement of the job), being a beauty editor is a much more casual affair. Some people find that surprising, but it’s just like any other office job. And why wear a full face of makeup for a day spent predominantly in front of a computer screen - especially when there are products to be tried and tested? For that reason I like to keep things simple, minimal, and (because I value time in bed) quick and easy. 


Unless I have evening plans (and therefore need my makeup to last) then I don’t tend to use primer on a daily basis. Instead, after moisturising I go straight in with my concealer, currently Makeup Revolution’s exceptionally brilliant Conceal & Define Concealer. My friend Meg works for Makeup Revolution and managed to get one of these into my hands when they were receiving press for being OOS everywhere (thank you Meg!). It’s easy to see why it’s a constant sell-out - I’ve never met a concealer which so perfectly manages to be both highly-pigmented (for full coverage) and light and comfortable to wear. For that reason I use it for both dark circles and blemishes - seeyah, acne scars.

Then I go in with my foundation - The Ordinary’s Serum Foundation. I’ve lost count of how many bottles of this I’ve been through - it’s incredibly cheap so I’m liberal in my application. I usually mix two pumps with one pump of SPF (currently Trinny BFF Skin Perfector SPF30 - which is light and brightening) and apply with a trusty damp Beautyblender

Next up is brows. I brush through them with a clean spoolie to remove foundation and then fill them using SUQQU Balancing Brow Palette. I’ve used this for years and genuinely believe it’s the best brow product to be found. I’ve had my brow pencil phase but it proved too costly for my liking. 

I contour by loosely sketching tiny ‘X’s into the hollows of my cheeks and on my temples using Bobbi Brown’s Skin Foundation Stick in a shade that’s way too dark for me (I think it’s Almond). I’m so over contour powders - cream formulas just look so much more natural and blend effortlessly. This one acts like a bronzer and subtly warms skin as well so I don’t use an extra bronzing products at the moment.

I go straight in with my blusher after that - another cream product, Charlotte Tilbury’s Beach Stick in Formentera. I dab it onto my cheeks and use a blusher brush to blend it out. Powder comes next, to set. I’ve been using YSL’s Souffle d’Eclat Loose Powder every day for nearly a year and the massive tub shows no sign of getting empty. It’s a really silky powder, disappears onto skin, doesn’t compromise on glow, and really helps to keep shine under control.

Then I go back to my brows to set them using another YSL product - Couture Brow, which is a tinted brow gel. I think this is the best one I’ve tried so far, the colour is perfect and it grooms hairs into place without making them look shiny or feel crispy. 

For my eyes I’ll use Bobbi Brown Longwear Cream Eyeshadow Stick in Taupe. I sketch a rough ‘X’ on each lid and take a little onto my lower lash line then blend with a fluffy brush. It’s a warm, matte neutral which subtly adds definition and doesn’t require great concentration. If I can be bothered/have time I’ll trace a little eyeliner into my upper lash line (my favourite is Charlotte Tilbury’s Classic Eyeliner Powder Pencil), then I curl my lashes and apply Code Beautiful VLM Mascara. It’s such an underrated product but it’s perfect if you love length as much as you do volume, and don’t want to compromise on either. 

Finally, for lips I’ll pick one of the Glossier Gen G Lipsticks - I have every shade but Jam (which is too purple for me) and Leo is my favourite - it’s a soft brown. I love how effortlessly easy it is to apply (you could do it with your eyes closed without getting anything wrong) - I just pat it on and press my lips together. 

Again, if I have evening plans, I’ll spritz on a little of Cover FX’s Illuminating Setting Spray - it’s amazing for preventing patches of shine and keeping makeup in place but also keeps skin looking really fresh and glowy all day. 

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