MAC Is Back

Okay, they never officially went away… but they have been working hard to reformulate and expand the shade ranges of one of their cult products (the bestselling Studio Fix Foundation) and bring out a concealer in the same line - worth shouting (or in my case, blogging) about.

Aside from the cool new packaging (I’m a sucker for an Instagrammable box, so it has to be mentioned), there are now more shades and undertones in the Studio Fix range then ever before. In fact, there are a groundbreaking 64 shades in the foundation and 34 in the new concealer. If that sounds overwhelming, MAC staff are generally some of the friendliest and most forthcoming when it comes to properly foundation matching and bottling up samples on counters. And if you can’t get to a counter, the brand has launched an online foundation finder (very reliable and better than most) which does the job almost as well as the pros.

You may be familiar with Studio Fix Foundation because it’s pretty much every teenager’s entry point into the world of MAC, or in the case of many (myself included) foundation and ‘high-end’ makeup in general. It’s been a favourite and a go-to for years because it’s compatible with so many skin tones and types - it has medium to full coverage and a natural matte finish, which pretty much guarantees it to last all day and cover any complexion concern. I personally prefer a lighter base for my everyday makeup, but if my skin is playing up or if I have a special occasion and want a flawless skin look, this is my go-to. It’s best applied in thin layers, with a Beautyblender.

This year, the foundation was joined by Studio Fix Concealer. Light, creamy, but incredibly pigmented, this is the kind of multitasking concealer that you can use for both brightening under-eye circles and covering blemishes, from scars to breakouts. It’s worth nothing that it’s marketed as having 24-hour wear - which doesn’t mean you should sleep in your makeup, but does mean if you were to do your makeup at 6am on Friday morning for work, and get home at 6am on Saturday morning after an impromptu night out, your concealer would be pretty much intact (I haven’t personally been there, so please don’t take my word for it, but I can vouch for 16-hour wear, at least).

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