Meet The World's First Mud Sheet Mask

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the name ‘No Mess Mud Masque’ was a marketing gimmick. I mean, mud being messy is a given, right? It may cleanse pores, detoxify congested skin, and control shine, but it’s not without its drawbacks (mud stains on the bathroom sink and a tendency to dry skin out being the big ones).

Another product with a con list as long as its pro list? Sheet masks. They’re far from a user-friendly experience - I rarely manage to keep one on my face for the recommended amount of time thanks to their tendency to slip, slide, and flap all over my face. What’s more, I’m tired of seeing sheet masks marketed as ‘cleansing’ when a quick glance at the ingredients list proves they have absolutely zero cleansing properties and are simply soaked in yet another hydrating serum.

But now Patchology, the company responsible for Instagram’s favourite sheet masks, has managed to fix the shortcomings of both - whilst simultaneously combining their benefits in one product. The convenience and cleanliness of a sheet mask (minus the slip) and the pore-clearing power of mud (minus the mess)… that’s right, meet Patchology’s SmartMud Detox No Mess Mud Mask the world’s first mud sheet mask.

The mask comes in two halves - one for the upper and one for the lower half of the face (which means that the mask is effectively one-size-fits-all). Once applied to skin it adheres instantly and begins to dry down, forming a layer that fits the contours of the face - no slipping, sliding, or flapping, whatsoever. And after ten minutes (or longer if desired) and a gentle tug, it peels easily off. But not before it’s delivered all the goodness of your regular cleansing mask - including kaolin clay, volcanic ask, and charcoal to detoxify and clarify - alongside hydrating ingredients like glycerin and collagen to pull moisture into the skin and prevent dehydration.

The best part is yet to come, however, for this is one of those rare products that delivers visible results instantly… If, like me, you have a stubborn blackhead situation, this will sort it in one - no lie. I can’t wait to see more innovation from Patchology.

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