NUXE To The Rescue

Minimal beauty fans will love this multitasking beauty balm (NUXE Skin Repair Balm), which helps to solve a multitude of problems - chapped skin, sunburn, split ends, unruly brows, and dry lips being just a few of them. A blend of honey, shea butter, and botanical oils, it provides greats hydration and nourishment, whilst being light, smooth, and non-greasy. Here are a few of my favourite ways to use it.

chapped lips


Many lip balms don’t quite hit the nail on the head when it comes to moisture retention and reducing long-term skin dryness, but this one goes all out - used as a lip mask before bed it restores hydration to chapped lips overnight.

Split ends

This melts into a thick oily texture when massaged between warm fingers - twist it through the ends of dry hair then comb through to quell frizz and fluffiness and make split ends look invisible.

Burns & cuts

I recently had a patch of dry skin near my lips which got so bad it caused a split to form in the corner of my mouth. It was incredibly painful and hard to prevent from worsening, but when I started coating it in a layer of this overnight (thanks to the anti-bacterial properties of honey) it healed in in two days. The same goes for a recent straightener burn.

dry Hands

I rarely get dry hands so don’t always keep a hand cream on me when I travel. On a recent trip to Berlin however I experienced some dry patches on my hands which I wasn’t properly equipped to remedy. Instead I mixed a little of this with my face moisturiser as a makeshift hand cream - it worked a treat.


If you’re a fan of freshy, dewy finish to your highlighter, consider this an alternative to makeup. Use fingers to pat and blend just where you’d apply regular highlighter - it looks brighter and lasts better, too.

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