The Face Oil For People Who Don’t Like Face Oil

I have a love/hate relationship with face oils, since 50% make me break out and 50% have absolutely changed my life/skin. Over the years I’ve realised that it’s all about the ingredients. My skin loves rosehip, cactus, and almond oils and hates anything categorised as ‘essential’.

I knew the moment I checked out the ingredients list for Freck’s Lil Prick Serum that I was onto a winner - prickly pear (cactus) seed oil, blended with apricot kernel, sweet almond, marula seed, and raspberry seed oils? Check x5. It’s also the first and only face oil I’ve finished and repurchased.

My skin is temperamental and is easily triggered by oils, but this keeps it at an absolutely optimal level of moisturised. It targets dullness and texture issues, so I wake up literally glowing - the first time I used it I didn’t even recognise my own skin. Needless to say, I’ve used it every night since. It doesn’t irritate my sensitivity, trigger breakouts, or disrupt my moisture/oil levels. It’s cured me of any morning dullness and dryness, and it gives my skin a smooth, soft texture and brightness which makes makeup apply better and look better.

Although it sinks in fast, is ‘dry’ in texture, and sits well under makeup, I don’t use it in the morning, I do however go very heavy with it at night, always under moisturiser and on top of other serums. A few times a week I like to give myself an extended facial massage and get my jade roller and gua sha involved. And after I apply I always smooth the remaining leftovers into the ends of my hair to quell fluffiness.

A lot of my clients come to me thinking they have oily skin, only for me to quickly figure out that what their skin is lacking in moisture, it’s making up for by overproducing its own oils. The moral of the story is always to feed your ‘oily skin’ oil to restore balance - but of course, trying to convince someone who hates oil to use one is nothing short of difficult. I always recommend this one since it’s so light and dry, and I haven’t had a single disappointed client so far. If you dislike the typical thick, greasy texture of most face oils or find that many oils irritate your skin in some way, this might just be the one to change your mind…

TL;DR: Freck Lil Prick Serum is softening and smoothing, gives me glowy skin, and smells like plants - in a good way. 

SkinGrace Day