5 Must-Try Products From Dr Hauschka

This post was created as part of a paid collaboration with Dr Hauschka.

Working in the beauty industry, it’s wild how easily you can get swept up in the buzz of new brands, trending products, and skincare lingo – to a point where it’s almost possible to forget that not everyone knows how moisturiser works or what the benefits of vitamin C are. I’m a self-confessed beauty geek and love trying new things and experimenting with ingredients, but since starting to work with my skincare clients, I’ve become all too aware just how overwhelming the skincare world can be – especially for those who really do just want to strip things back and keep it simple. Which is why I was so intrigued by Dr Hauschka’s latest campaign, which aims to spotlight products within their existing range that truly simplify skincare and cater to all ages, skin conditions, genders, and skin types. 

I’ve long been a fan of Dr Hauschka’s bodycare products, and have enjoyed getting to know the brand better while trying out a selection of their skincare over the past few weeks. I recently posted an Instagram story showcasing some of my favourites, but wanted to write a dedicated blog post in order to give a but more info (and an update after a few more weeks of use!).

Here are my five faves.

Soothing Cleansing Milk

I rarely see anyone rave about cleaning milks, but they’re actually pretty special. You can use them morning and night, to remove makeup, on wet or dry skin, and they’re ideal for imbalanced or combination skin because they’re neither overly rich nor super stripping. Packed with jojoba and almond oils (which provides the perfect ‘slip’ for massaging into skin), this one provides a refreshing cleanse and leaves skin feeling healthy, not shiny. I’ve been using it to remove my makeup and find it does an incredible job of lifting stubborn waterproof mascara without irritating my sensitive eyes.

Facial Toner

Should your skin require a refreshing moisture hit (mine always does at this time of year), this multi-tasking face mist will do just the trick – and as well as providing a moisture boost, the witch hazel based formula helps to regulate oil, reduce redness, and keep blemishes under control. Depending on how my skin feels, I’ve been using this in as many as three different ways. Typically, in the morning, I spray it on between layers of serum and moisturiser (this keeps my skin hydrated and prevents my makeup from looking cakey). Later in the day after cleansing, I soak a cotton pad in it and use it for a quick refreshing wipe, and I apply it again (during my evening my routine) by spraying it into my palms and pressing it into my skin like an essence.

Quince Day Cream

Skin in need of a little TLC will relish this serum-like moisturiser, which melts into skin to deliver deep hydration. It’s the kind of product that easily becomes a skincare staple because it hydrates skin without irritating or causing breakouts. What’s more, it also sinks in really quickly, so it’s great for layering beneath moisturisers if you’re in a rush and don’t have time to wait around. I love how well it sits under makeup – the glow and ‘freshness’ really comes through.

Rose Day Cream Light

This luxurious face moisturiser is formulated with hardworking ingredients for smoother, plumper looking skin. I’ve actually been using it as a neck cream – it’s rich enough that it quickly does a stellar job of hydrating and plumping skin which consequently has smoothed over my emerging necklines. Even after just a few days use I already noticed a difference in how healthy my neck skin looks.

Sage & Mint Deodorant

Dr Hauschka’s foray into the deodorant game has resulted in a high-performance all-natural solution that’s formulated with tapioca starch, which does an incredible job of absorbing sweat and moisture (it keeps me dry all day long). The world of natural deodorants is understandably hit and miss, but this is most definitely a hit - it doesn’t leave any sticky or visible residue and works every bit as well as synthetic products I’ve tried.

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